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Vegetarian Asam Laksa Recipe (also vegan!)

11th April 2020

Since I have been blabbering about vegan Asam laksa non-stop for about a month straight, I thought it would be appropriate to provide you with a vegetarian Asam laksa recipe at long last. Asam laksa is a mix of Malay and Chinese cuisine, a noodle soup that is traditionally made with fish. It is widely available in Malaysia, Singapore and in some parts of Indonesia.

Vegan Penang Asam laksa recipe

The fruit smugglers of Kapas Island

1st February 2020


After the disappointment of a literally fruitless Perhentian Kecil island, I set off for Kapas Island well prepared. I knew that arriving on Kapas Island on an August Friday afternoon – the peak of the holiday season – was a dangerous move, and after scouring the entire beach for the best beachfront accommodation Kapas Island could offer, I, unfortunately, ended up in the only place available: the 40 ringgit rooms in Mak Cik Gemuk’s backpacker ghetto.

The Best Vegan and vegetarian restaurant kuala lumpur

10th September 2019

I felt I hit the vegan jackpot when I started researching and making a list of all the best vegan and best vegetarian restaurant Kuala Lumpur has. Unfortunately, I was only there for a week, so I curated a list of vegetarian food near me (and vegan food near me too, obviously) that I thought sounded the best among the lot to make things easier.

vegan restaurants KL

Hostels Kuala Lumpur: Where to stay

15th July 2019

You are set to tick off Kuala Lumpur from your travel bucketlist before the year ends. Now what? Finding cheap flights to KL? That’s easy. Picking from one of the too many hostels Kuala Lumpur has to offer? That can be a bit annoying.

hostels kuala lumpur

Being the capital city of Malaysia, navigating the grandeur of Kuala Lumpur is no easy task, especially when finding the best accommodation to settle in throughout your trip. There are boundless options to choose from the high-end hotels, guest houses, and hostels Kuala Lumpur has in store for you.

Guide on Finding Stay and Cheap Food in KL

29th August 2017

Spending time in KL on the cheap after backpacking through the rest of South East Asia is comparatively expensive. Of course, nothing compares to Singapore, but food, accommodation and entertainment in the Malaysian capital are likely to leave a dent in your wallet if you are not careful. That is precisely what started to happen to me. I intended to spend only a few days in KL with a friend to try some vegan restaurants before moving on – but life had different plans for me and I found myself stranded in Kuala Lumpur for nearly three weeks with a rather empty bank account. I had to be crafty and come up with ways to make my stay cheaper and had to even look for cheap food in KL to survive. Turns out, it’s absolutely doable to stay in KL on the cheap! And turns out also, there’s a vibrant gay scene in Kuala Lumpur! Here are a few things I discovered.

The Vegan and Vegetarian Food Melaka Guide

26th September 2015

I wrote this vegan and vegetarian food Melaka guide originally in light of a week spent in this charming UNESCO World Heritage city. Malaysia is one of the easiest places in South East Asia to find vegan and vegetarian food, and I was thrilled to be back in Malacca this year to see what I had missed the first time around. As it turns out, I missed a lot! Below is a new and revised, more complete guide including restaurants and self-catering options. There are still a few places I failed to visit, so who knows, maybe there will be a take-three next year! Till then, you can enjoy my vegan and vegetarian food Melaka guide.

Volunteer Holidays Malaysia: What I Did Here

4th September 2015

On my volunteer holidays in Malaysia, I came to volunteer at a guesthouse in Malaysia as part of my rehabilitation into the single people club. I needed some time to pick up the pieces and to decide what my next move would be before starting to travel again. Things seemed like they were lining up for me without having to ask, so I took the opportunity that was presenting itself – all I had to do was to hit the reply button, say “I’m on my way”, pack my bags, and go start this brand new chapter of my adventure.

My Simple Life Restaurant Review

4th August 2015

Kuala Lumpur is one of those places where, in the midst of a meat-eating nation, you barely have to scratch the surface to unveil an exciting health-minded paradise ripe for exploration. This week is all about #CleanEatingKL! A few days ago, I was able to visit Simple Life Restaurant, a little chain of vegetarian restaurants who has healthy eating as its core value and is making Kuala Lumpur all the more exciting for me to explore.

Simple Life Restaurant Review, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Vegetarian and Vegan Food.

Vegan Georgetown Food Guide to Enjoy

9th January 2015

We returned to Georgetown like to an old friend, happy to soak in familiar faces and places, but also excited to revisit some of our favorite vegan Georgetown restaurants and eager to try the ones we had missed the last time.

Penang is possibly the #1 foodie destination in Malaysia, and fortunately vegans and vegetarians are not left aside – Happy Cow has 111 listings for vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants on Penang Island! We’ve compiled a list of the vegan Georgetown spots that we have visited and enjoyed. You can read about our first visit to Georgetown here.