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Vegan Gift Guide For Any Occasion

29th January 2019

Vegan Gift Guide

I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy presents for the ones around us, with so and so being allergic to this and that, and so and so buying only locally and fair trade. I’m also sure a few of you have this lone vegan in your family for whom it is impossible to find the right present because, well, vegan gifts, what the what! But fret not! I’ve made this handy vegan gift guide for you! Here’s what I think the best vegan presents are for all budgets.

Breaking the bank in Hoi An

12th May 2014

As the Futa overnight bus rolled into Danang at 6am, it’s safe to say we were a little the worse for wear. Locating the local bus to Hoi An was straightforward, but the blaring horn, aggressive conductor and sloth like pace were not exactly soothing. A short walk into the old city and we were too early to check into our guesthouse. Breakfast was called for, and with a life changing bowl of mushroom rice porridge at a vegetarian joint called “Mild” and this naughty face, things were already looking better.

A quick vegas escape

12th October 2013

We were lucky to be invited to spend a long weekend in Las Vegas at the New York, New York last weekend. I had been to Vegas for just a few hours in 2005 on my way to California, so I was so happy to be able to return for a few days to be able to experience it properly.



It’s crazy.

We hardly slept. At all. And seeing Cirque du Soleil’s “O” from the 3rd row in the middle of the night whilst jet lagged is possibly the closest I will ever feel what it’s like to be on LSD.

Girl I’m sorry I was blind…

17th September 2013

…You were always on my mind: cobalt blue wool coat.

Good lord. Aren’t we all going MENTAL over the Caroline de Maigret for Madewell fall campaign? I love every single item from the collection itself, but mostly I just love her looks and how she incarnates the most perfect tomboyish yet feminine Parisian cool chick that ever lived and that everyone wants to be or to be with or something. And this photo really does top it all off for me:

What to pack: An Italy inspired outfit

6th March 2011

I really need to stop talking about jogging whenever I feel like blogging… And turns out, when I feel stressed with school and work, I turn to fashion blogs!!!  I, proper girl that I am, enjoy very much a good online shopping session, and I find that browsing through fashion blogs is the best way to find inspiration, rather than just looking through the actual shop’s online catalog. So I’m giving this new thing a try here, in honor of my very approaching trip to Italy, here’s a random outfit from my spring wishlist: