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Planning a well-deserved luxury retreat to Tenerife

26th March 2018

The past few weeks have been rather busy, and I’m beginning to crave some serious time-off. While I truly love my job as a travel writer and photographer, it is not always as laid back as many people think. Everything requires careful planning, and some days can be quite stressful – especially when travel plans change in the last minute. In busy periods like this, I sometimes enjoy to just let my imagination roam free for a while, as I dream myself away. Right now, I long for deep relaxation, lavish treatments for body and soul, and beautiful environments in a warm climate – so I started planning a luxury retreat to Tenerife!

Road Trip: Cruising the East-Coast of Spain

3rd March 2018

Planning a trip to Spain? Great choice, but where to go?! This perfect road trip takes you down along the Spanish East Coast. Starting in Barcelona, a beautiful city with lots of diversity. But that’s not the only city you have to see… Ready? Buckle up and let’s go!

Start in Barcelona

The number one place to visit is (of course) the Sagrada Familia, the holy cathedral by Antoni Gaudi. The building isn’t finished but it will be in 2026, on the 100th anniversary of his death. There are so many famous landmarks in Spain that are worth the visit. Gingerbread houses, a magic lizard and mosaic benches are some of the Park Guell’s architectural flourishes. This is also Gaudi’s incredible work.

Ibiza, Party Paradise or Vegan Yogi Heaven?

7th March 2017

Holiday destinations acquire stereotypes, just like the travelers who go there become known for their nationalities… and the stereotypes that go with those. There are also the standard things you do in every destination. You go to India to do a Yoga teacher training, to Iceland to see the Blue Lagoon, to Turkey to go to a Hamman and get butt naked… you get the idea.