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Yoga Teacher Training Retreats 2022: my Recommendations

30th November 2021

Have you become so passionate and dedicated about yoga that you now wish to turn your passion into a career by considering yoga teacher training retreats 2022 courses? I can’t blame you — been there, done that. I did my first time yoga certification retreat in India, back in 2015, and although I took a different path after and did not end up teaching, it was truly a transformative experience. And now I am back at it, doing my second YTT with High on Yoga in Berlin. I highly recommend anyone to take a yoga teacher training abroad as well as doing a silent retreat and an Ayahuasca retreat at least once in their life to heighten their physical practice!

Getting Away On A Surf Trip? Here Are 7 Things To Prepare

26th November 2021

A surf trip is what you may need for this summer’s holidays. Spending time at the beach with the people you love, playing with the waves, surfing on your favorite board, and getting warm sunshine can make your trip highly refreshing and the most memorable one. Even though surfing is a highly complex sport and requires proper training before you own the waves, once you learn this sport, no other water sport will appeal to you in the way surf trips do. In contrast, if you are a professional, you will know how entertaining it is to ride the waves in the ocean; it’s more likely the balance of your board and the weather that decides how the wind flows the waves. However, before you leave for the trip, you should know about the essential equipment and mandatory accessories for the journey. Here are seven things that you need to take care of before heading for your surf trip.

6 Good Reasons To Rent A Bike On Your Next Vacation

15th November 2021


You’ve just booked your next vacation, and you’re excited to explore the sights. But, what about transportation? Do you want to sit in a car all day long, or do you prefer something more active? Bicycles are a great way to see the world around you, and they don’t require gas or oil. Renting a bike for your next vacation is one of the best ways to experience new places without having to worry about driving.

Can you go to the Blue Lagoon Naked?

9th November 2021

If you’ve been reading my articles about spas around the world, you might have noticed some important things. If you haven’t — newsflash: I seem to have taken a liking to getting buck naked in public. I mean, who doesn’t? Right? Righhhhhhttttt? Anyone? Well, ok, fine. Today, for a change, let me tell you about this one time in Iceland when I did not in fact get naked at the spa. It does happen, sometimes. But can you go to the Blue Lagoon naked, you may ask? What is wrong with you, you perverts!

What is Massoga? Everything You Need to Know

28th October 2021

I was innocently scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when something called Massoga caught my eye… So, admittedly the algorithm knows me well, I’m targeted constantly by ads and accounts for general yoga things from fancy asana to cute leggings, but this was different. This account showed someone lounging over a bolster and propped up by yoga blocks as they had their back and neck tenderly massaged by the teacher (also kitted out in a cute yoga outfit and in a well-lit studio, to be fair). Looked pretty dreamy to me, so what is this glory called Massoga, you ask?

Women’s Spiritual Retreats 2021: No Boys Allowed

25th October 2021

Screw men. Haha lol, not really, but just a tiny bit, still. This 2021, all I want is to get away from everyday life and gather with soul sisters and practice mindfulness away from men in a women retreat where I can let my hair down and my inner Wild Woman run free, sprinkled with healthy eating and, free time, physical activity, and a meditation practice. This is the women’s spiritual retreats 2021 edition!

women's retreat

The Best Yoga Retreats in Europe: Find Your Top Holidays

22nd September 2021

Stop saying that Summer is over! Kids are finally back in school, beaches are at long last quiet — it’s time to plan a yoga retreat Europe vacation! I know many of you (including myself) often look towards South-East Asia (Thailand and Sri Lanka are high up on my list) or South America for a yoga retreat, but when the budget is tight and the time is short, there’s no need to go too far afield, as there are amazing options for a retreat in Europe. And while some countries may seem more appropriate than others for a relaxing yoga retreat Europe holiday because of their proximity to beautiful beaches or nature, I’ve found that there are fantastic options literally everywhere for daily yoga classes, and meditation, especially for a short break.

Searching for a Life-Changing Travel Experience? These 7 Tips Can Help

20th September 2021

Have you ever dreamed of taking a travel experience that would change your life? It might seem like an impossible feat, but don’t give up! There are many things you can do to make travel more affordable and accessible. This article will discuss seven different travel tips for finding the perfect travel experience for you.


Traveling as a Vegan: Up & Coming Destinations

19th September 2021

Traveling as a vegan is certainly more challenging than for those who don’t have dietary restrictions. But if you’re not an especially fussy eater, there is almost always something to eat on your vegan travels. It might not be exciting, and sometimes that’s OK. Sure, it’s better to have choices but that’s the trade-off one makes while traveling as a vegan. Because of this challenge, many vegan travelers now regularly choose destinations to visit based on their vegan-friendliness and range in the choice of types of food.