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Making The Most Out Of Your Athens Trip With This Detailed Travel Guide

16th September 2021

Athens is one of the largest and most ancient cities in Europe. The city is very rich historically and with the number of places that you need to visit and see, it can be quite a challenging trip. Athens has countless ancient architecture; from the abundant sightseeing to the joyous long walks and the mouth-watering street food, this city has a lot to offer to its visitors. As we all know, Athens is the capital of Greece, it is also historically recognized as the Cradle of Western Civilization and the Birthplace of Democracy. Getting the chance to visit a city like Athens, occupied with temples, statues of deities, and ancient ruins are a marvel that will keep you wondering how on earth this city has been there for over 3400 years. If you want to make the most out of your trip to Athens, read through our detailed travel guide.

The best yoga retreat in the world (2021 edition)

18th August 2021

Since I get asked this question regularly, here comes my yoga retreat 2021 roundup. Also, boy don’t we all need a bit of hope for traveling opportunities these days! So this is a collection of the best 2021 yoga retreats that I have either been visiting or have been dreaming of visiting this new year. You’ll find retreats for all levels and budgets — from luxury yoga retreats abroad to more affordable yoga retreats near me and you — because that may well be as far as we can go for now due to the current circumstances. The practice of yoga can be done anywhere in the world, just bring your yoga mat.

The best hotels in Berlin

12th July 2021

It’s no secret that Berlin has been my main squeeze for a few years now. Aside from the relatively harsh Winters, I love everything about Berlin. But depending on who you ask, you may find it can be an intimidating place, especially if visiting alone and trying to figure out what the best hotels in Berlin are for a weekend in Berlin. I came to know Berlin as the city where people went to KitKat Club naked and that was way before the city turned me into a bit of a slightly crazy person — so I was kinda wondering WTF was gonna happen there.

Cover yo’ ass! Best digital nomad insurance

11th July 2021

Unless you’re some bionic supernatural human, most likely you’ve encountered some unlucky circumstances in your life. While I wish all of a safe trip — whether it’s for one week or one year, the reality is that bad things happen, to all of us. Have I ever told you the story of my butthole abscess in Thailand? No? Well… Let’s leave it at that. You already know too much. Let’s just say I’m glad I had some form of digital nomad insurance then!

The Best Surf Camp for All Levels

8th July 2021

There’s really nothing like a surf camp. Spending your days at an oceanside paradise, hitting the waves, relaxing in the sun, then winding down with a yoga class or bbq on the beach with other travellers.

surfing camp

Surf camps are dedicated beach resorts that offer inclusive surf lessons, coaching and equipment rental. If you’re a complete beginner, a surfing camp is a great place to get started under the guidance of qualified instructors, while those with more experience can benefit from professional tips and spending time practising with other surfers. A surfing camp’s mission is to help you improve your surfing ability as much as possible, while still finding time to relax and enjoy yourself.

From Chania Beaches to Loutro: My Crete itinerary

30th June 2021

I picked the island of Crete a little randomly — the flights were cheap, I needed a holiday, it wasn’t awfully far from Berlin, the Chania weather sounded like just what I needed, the gazillion Chania beaches were just the ticket, this little town called Loutro seemed too good to be true, and a Chania car rental cost peanuts. It do be a done deal, I thought. My friend Olga and I decided to wing it a little, flew right into Chania, decided on a cheap Chania airport car rental company, picked one of many affordable Chania hotels for the first three nights, and off we went on a whim.

Tale of an Istanbul Hammam Nude Experience

14th June 2021

I read so many Turkish bath naked horror stories online from other travel bloggers that my curiosity got sufficiently piqued: I just had to volunteer myself on the naked altar of the body scrub sacrifice for the greater good of this blog (I know, tough…) – a rather painful and awkward experience by many if not all accounts, and see what this Turkish hammam nude experience was all about and if it was worth a good story.

The problem with Kuta Lombok

27th April 2021

I arrived in Kuta Lombok Indonesia full of expectations, after hearing so many tales of unspoiled Southeast Asia paradise from friends and trusted acquaintances. When I go somewhere I’m this hyped up about, reality doesn’t always match the expectations: it happened in the Perhentian Islands, it happened in Hawaii and it nearly happened on first time in Koh Phangan and in the Gili Islands, specifically Gili Air. Unfortunately, it also happened in the coastal town of Kuta Lombok, another popular spot.

The Best 2021 Retreats for Couples

13th April 2021

Couples who travel together stay together – as the old saying goes. Although I’m not quite a prime example of that myself. So how about going on retreats for couples together?

Not only does a couple holiday allow you to create some amazing memories with your other half, but it also helps to increase communication, trust, and intimacy in a relationship. Especially if the trip you’re taking is a specialized retreat for couples.