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Tale of an Istanbul Hammam Nude Experience

14th June 2021

I read so many Turkish bath naked horror stories online from other travel bloggers that my curiosity got sufficiently piqued: I just had to volunteer myself on the naked altar of the body scrub sacrifice for the greater good of this blog (I know, tough…) – a rather painful and awkward experience by many if not all accounts, and see what this Turkish hammam nude experience was all about and if it was worth a good story.

Where to Stay – The BankerHan Hotel Istanbul

15th December 2015

My naked hammam experience in Istanbul was something but what I loved most about this city was the amazing hotels here. I walked – nearly cycled right into, to be more precise – the Banker Han Hotel looking rather scruffy, dirty and disheveled (my usual self since converting to bicycle touring really!), half worried that I was going to get the “eye” for showing up all hobo-like in this very trendy new Bankerhan hotel in Istanbul. Instead of that, the staff came right outside to welcome me and it wasn’t ten seconds before I was handed a cup of tea and offered a seat at the reception with the staff who kindly asked about my travel. Some places are just so cool and hip and welcoming and perfect, and BankerHan Hotel in Istanbul by the Sofa is absolutely one of those gems.

Tea, Sugar and a Dream: A Guide to Vegan Istanbul

5th December 2015

Teşekkür Ederim, he says to me.
… Techek ….huh? I reply with a foggy mind, having not slept for the greater part of the last two days as I commuted between Bangkok and Istanbul via Oslo.
Just remember this: tea, sugar and a dream. Teşekkür Ederim. That’s “thank you” in Turkish.

Where to stay: Sumahan on the Water Istanbul

18th November 2015

Istanbul is a wonderful but hectic city and offered me several amazing experiences.I arrived straight from Bangkok after a 40 hour commute, already frazzled by the pulse of the Big Mango. I was looking for a bit of a retreat on my first few days, a place where I could lay my head in peace while curing my jetlag. I found just that and much more at the beautiful Sumahan on the Water, a boutique hotel located on the greener, maybe less visited Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, the less harried and quieter Asian shore of Istanbul. It truly was the perfect introduction to this vibrant city.