Day Trips from Berlin: a Few Ideas

30th September 2020

Day trips from Berlin

Looking for some ideas for day trips from Berlin? Berlin is an incredible place to live, but just like any other totally happening city, there are times when you just need to get away and recharge. We all need a break, and a change of scenery once in a while a great way to find new inspiration. We come back full of energy and ready to take on the world — but not everyone has the time to go on indulgent getaways. Often, though, a day trip is sufficient to give you that much-needed boost, and if you’re living in Berlin there are great destinations not so far away that are just waiting to be explored. Below are my choices of top day trips from Berlin that you can add to your day-tripping list. My preferred transportation method in by train.


Distance from Berlin: 96km.


About an hour’s drive southeast of Berlin is a kind of real-life garden of Eden called Spreewald. It’s been described as Berlin’s backyard garden and it’s so pristine and wondrous that it’s a UNESCO biosphere reserve of nature in all its incredible glory — just what you need to de-stress after all that hectic city life. Hike among many breathtaking walking trails or hire a canoe or kayak for the day and take it all in from the network of canals that criss-cross the wetlands and forested areas. This incredible place of astounding natural beauty is often packed with tourists, however, especially in the main towns of Lübben and Lübbenau, but from there you can hop aboard a traditional punt and see Spreewald the easy, leisurely way.


Distance from Berlin: 93km.


Another cool day-trip destination from Berlin is the town of Troja in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region, and it won’t take long to get there, whether you’re driving or taking public transport (I did the distance by bicycle which was amazing). Troja is also a refreshing change from big-city life, and is literally a breath of fresh air as you wander through its beautiful natural environment, including its many well-known lakes, such as Thuren, Zethner See and Mirower See. If you’re thinking about staying a bit longer, it has great accommodation that you can book via this Airbnb discount.

Usedom Island

Distance from Berlin: 223km.

usedom island

Up to the north is the lovely island of Usedom and one of my favourite hidden gems in Germany. Once you get to this Baltic Sea island that’s shared between Germany and Poland, all your city woes and stresses will just melt away amid the stunning beaches, pristine nature parks and lovely piers. Ahlbeck Pier is believed to be the oldest such structure in Germany, having opened to the public in 1899 and stretches 280 meters from Imperial Beach out into the Baltic Sea — you’ll feel like you’re walking on water. Also while in Usedom, step inside Stawa Młyny, a lighthouse in the shape of a windmill, for an illuminating time; and with all that water, sail away. And given the bracing Baltic air, Usedom is spa heaven.


Distance from Berlin: 193km


Slightly nearer to home but still one of the great places for refreshing day trips from Berlin is the charming German city of Dresden. If you wish to immerse yourself in high art, culture and beautiful architecture, this is the place to be. Decadent Zwinger Palace is definitely one place you can’t miss while in Dresden. This expansive, Baroque-style building began life in 1718 and today it’s no longer home to aristocracy, but open to the public for its Old Masters Picture Gallery, Dresden Porcelain Collection and Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments. Other attractions of interest on day trips from Berlin to Dresden include the Semperoper opera house, the Dresden Frauenkirche Lutheran church and Dresden Castle.

Tropical Island Resort

Distance from Berlin: 72km.

tropical island resort

Who doesn’t love a good tacky theme park? You can find yourself in a tropical one not far from Berlin. It’s Tropical Islands Resort, a sumptuous place of pleasure and relaxation on the site of an old airfield in Hable, a short drive south of Berlin. There’s so much to do at Tropical Islands that you won’t be able to fit it all into one day and you’ll have to come back again and again to enjoy the full range of attractions and activities. They include a Tropical Sea that has an actual beach, a Lagoon bordering a Tropical Rainforest, a Waterslide Tower, an Amazonia outdoor area with a Whitewater River, indoor balloon rides, minigolf and a whole lot more. Who needs Southeast Asia anyway?!


Distance from Berlin: 190km.


Leipzig is another popular choice for short getaway from Berlin. Although it’s almost a couple of hundred kilometers away to the southeast, getting there on by train is a breeze and it will take you just over an hour — plenty of time to spend the day enjoying this historical city of fine German culture before heading home. Top attractions in Leipzig, the hometown of Bach, include the Museum of Fine Arts, exhibits at the Egyptian Museum, the German Museum of Books and Writing and the Museum in der Runden Ecke. Leipzig also has a cracking vegan scene.


Distance from Berlin: 25km.


Wanna see Wannsee on a day trip from Berlin? You’re in luck, and especially if you don’t have much time as Wannsee is only about half an hour by car or bus or a very manageable bike ride away. Or book this 2-hour Seven Lakes tour right from Berlin. That makes it the perfect day-trip escape, and easily doable after lunch on Sunday. In Wannsee, you can have a look around the elegant Glienicke Palace, visit the Holocaust memorial museum at the impressive House of the Wannsee Conference or strut your stuff at the romantic Castle on Peacock Island, which dates all the way back to 1794. Other visitor attractions in Wannsee include Glienicke Palace, Liebermann Villa — featuring the art and life of the artist Max Liebermann — or just stroll through the beautiful environs of Babelsberg Park, founded by Crown Prince William in 1883 and now a UNESCO site.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Berlin, there’s a whole world of exciting day trips all around you!

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17 thoughts on “Day Trips from Berlin: a Few Ideas

  1. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    Biking to Troja seems like a beautiful weekend trip. It’s a good distance so you feel like you have traveled but doable in a weekend, especially if there is a great B&B waiting for you so you don’t have to self-support.

  2. Kathleen

    Such beautiful areas outside of the city. That’s really nice for the people who live in Berlin. We did a week long road trip of Northern Germany and really saw a lot. So much variety. I’d like to go back again someday. We shall see.

  3. Carol Colborn

    I love posts of day trips around a city. I always want to see the outskirts. Although I would have appreciated the English system more or time by car.

  4. Kate Flores

    Been to Leipzig and Dresden already and you’re right, it’s as stunning as it can be! When I come back to Germany, I’ll go to the Tropical Forest Island Resort and Usedom Island. Great blog!

  5. Indrani

    Wow excellent weekend destinations from Berlin! A rough map about their orientation around Berlin would have been of great help. I have plans to visit Berlin one of these days.

  6. Vasu Devan

    Love your super photos! Out of this list , I have only been to Dresden. We did not go on a day trip though. We actually stayed for 4 nights and we enjoyed everybit. Now this list has given me more ideas.

  7. Rosey

    Yes, no matter where you live time away can be nice. I do imagine Berlin provides some very lovely scenery to return home too though.

  8. Himanshu

    Indeed Berlin is an incredible place. I love towns like Troja that offers much needed break from mundane life. Ahlbeck Pier looks so photogenic. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Punita Malhotra

    We went to Dresden from Berlin and loved every minute of that trip. Daytrips are one of my favorite ways to travel. You end up packing in so many more experiences. Troja looks delightful.

    1. Amélie Post author

      Agreed! And yes, Troja was such a relaxing weekend away in nature, completely unplugged. I loved it!

  10. Janine Thomas

    None of these distances are huge and there is so much to see so close to the city. Spreewald looks fabulous. Being designated a UNESCO biosphere it must be a pretty special place. This would be no 1 on my list.

  11. Vicky and Buddy

    I lived in Darmstadt, Germany for a few years and spent a weekend in Berlin, so unfortunately didn’t get to venture outside of the city. I’d love to go to Troja though, it looks so picturesque! And of course the water park too. Like you said, who doesn’t love a tacky theme park? 😉

  12. Sezane

    That’s really nice for the people who live in Berlin. We did a week long road trip of Northern Germany and really saw a lot. So much variety. I’d like to go back again someday.


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