Destinations You Have To Consider For Your Next Traveling Expedition

12th December 2016

As we approach the end of the year, it’s understandable that our minds could be focused on the year ahead and what plans we have. Some of us like to consider travel plans ahead of time so that we can save and also book holiday entitlement. Having solid plans in place is a great feeling. So if, like me, you are thinking about your next travel expedition for next year then perhaps consider one of these destinations.

Head to Canada to enjoy a winter experience

Depending on where you are in the world, winter might not be as you see in a picture perfect scene on a postcard. You might not experience much snow or chilled weather, and in fact, it could just be rather gray and wet. So you might want to book a vacation somewhere in the winter for the real experience. Canada offers the chance to see real snow and enjoy the many activities you can enjoy in the snow, such as skiing, snowboarding or just relaxing and building a snowman. Places like Mont Tremblant in Quebec can offer a relaxing getaway for friends or family to enjoy the slopes and wonder.

Travel to Thailand for an amazing value for money getaway

Thailand might seem like an extravagant holiday destination, but in fact, once you are there it can offer real value for money. The cost of living in regards to accommodation and food can be very reasonable, meaning it is an achievable holiday to take. Thailand offers the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, but also you can take a more relaxing vacation island hopping to places like Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. Offering beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches, and glorious blue oceans. What more could you want?


Explore Australia on a road trip to remember

Australia is a vast country and could be seen as one of those places that is a trip of a lifetime to take. So make the most of your time there and take a road trip to explore as much of the country as possible. Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne offer amazing city vibes. Upon arriving at the airport, you can book a shuttle from Jayride that can also take you to your next destination. But while you are there you must take a swim in the Great Barrier Reef and stay at Thredbo apartments to visit this alpine village. However, you might want to consider using more time for this type of holiday. The country is so big that you wouldn’t be able to see even half of it during a standard holiday.

Enjoy a cultural experience in Europe

Finally, I’m currently residing in the city of Berlin in Germany. Although it isn’t just this country that you can explore in Europe. A cultural stay in Europe means you could take in the sights and sounds of France, the history, and food that Italy has to offer or even enjoy the green landscape that England has to offer. Europe has a lot to offer anyone wanting a vacation with a difference, mixing city history with beach locations you are truly spoilt for choice.

I hope this has offered you a bit of inspiration for your future travel plans.

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