13th September 2018

Vegas is a magical city, one which really never sleeps. The beauty is that there’s something to do around the clock, which means that it’s an increasingly popular choice for solo travelers, because you have that sense of anonymity. However, for the solo traveler that really wants to get involved with everything this place has to offer, you don’t need to miss your friends from home – this is the perfect place to meet some new ones! From parties to pools, there are plenty of opportunities to meet some of the most interesting people in the world.

Pool Parties

Going to a pool party really gives you the best of both worlds. The hot Vegas sun can become basically unbearable, and the pools cool you down in an instant, while still being able to make the most of it and tan.

Heading to a pool party alone will mostly be short-lived – the pool is packed, the drinks are flowing, and the DJs are on fire. With everyone having a good time like that, you’ll soon find other kindred spirits to have a great time with and form a pack.


One of the benefits of going to the casino alone is that you can focus and you don’t have to share your winnings, but for those of us who only go for some casual fun, it can be more exciting to have people cheering you on!

If you’re at one of the 24/7 casinos in the city, you’ll see an array of interesting people coming in and out. Many will want to be left alone, but others will be more than up for a chat. You can impress them and look like you know what you’re doing by practising before you go online. Fellow Canadians – you can even practice in Canada (or wherever you are in the world, really), by checking out live casinos on the internet to help you get a gist for each game and what to do. Unlike old-school online casinos, live casinos allow you to connect via camera to a casino floor, where a real dealer or croupier will deal your cards or spin the roulette wheel for you.


The only thing better than food and drink, is cheap food and drink. In Vegas, you’ll find a lot of amazing unlimited buffet options that are known as world-class – so while they’re not completely free, they’re a relatively low-cost option for stuffing your face and really getting your money’s worth.

Sitting alone is fine (nobody’s going to judge you for going up for that fourth slice of pie), but there’s nobody to guard your table, either, when you go back up and you’re feeling particularly protective over your wine. Sure, you could just get some more (it’s unlimited, after all…) but eating with friends means you never have to leave your plate – or glass – unattended.

People tend to head to the buffets as a chance to regroup or energise before doing the wilder stuff, so use it as an excuse to strike up a conversation in a more chilled environment using the downtime. You might even find people to hang out with later!

Solo travel, as always, is amazing – but it also gives you a unique opportunity to talk to those you otherwise might not if you were already in a group. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make friends for life – but in Vegas, everything’s okay, even if it’s just for one night.

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