Enjoying Las Vegas Solo

13th July 2018

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of pools, parties and of course, casinos. You’d be forgiven for thinking that all this stuff would be better with family or friends (and Las Vegas with kids is a great idea!) – but Las Vegas has a wealth of activities to do without needing anybody else, and it’s also possible to do Las Vegas on a budget. The beauty of Vegas is actually in its wild nature; you’ll never truly be alone, as you’ll probably always be surrounded by weird and wonderful people from all over the world.

It’s party central

Going out by yourself can seem scary, but with hundreds and thousands of other people also looking to have a good time, it’s safe to say that you will soon make some friends.

Most of the top hotels have amazing pool parties by day and by night, so you can essentially choose your favorite DJ and then the only thing you have to worry about is what you’re going to wear, what you’re going to drink, and pick from the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

On that note, try to make friends with some fellow women; they can help look out for you once they know you’re on your own and maybe even adopt you into their group – how’s that for both a travel experience and girl time?

Gambling is a pretty private event, anyway

When it comes to gambling – and obviously, in Vegas, you’re going to come to gambling – you probably don’t want a whole host of people around you anyway, putting you off your game.

Of course, slot machines and the like are pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re new to casino games (especially the cool tabletop ones from the movies like roulette and poker), you don’t have to venture far to try them out these days. You can use websites such as Oddschecker with a handy casino bonus to try things out before you hit the casino floor.
Once you’re there, you can choose whether you want to talk to anyone or not. If you stay quiet, you’ve got a few bonuses – if you look really into what you’re doing, they’ll often bring around drinks and snacks for free, plus you won’t have anyone trying to split your winnings with you unfairly!

You can eat and drink whatever you want

Hands down best bit about Vegas? Getting to over-indulge. But that doesn’t just mean partying and gambling, there’s a lot of food and drink to consider as well.
Some of the world’s best buffets are found along the strip, and these are all you can eat and of a high quality. A lot of the time, you can even have as much wine or beer as you want as well, which should go down a treat. The benefits of coming on your own here? Absolutely no judgement, of course! If you want to go up to that buffet line ten times, you go up to that buffet ten times, girl!

A great tip before you go is to check if there are currently any offers on these buffets on websites like Groupon.

It’s not all about indulgence

One of the most surprising things for a lot of people is that there’s a lot more to Vegas than just the strip. While in the Nevada area and even Las Vegas itself, there’s plenty that you can do.

If you need some quiet time, one of the many hotels will have a spa that’s just right. Consider getting a massage after a few days of partying too hard (or even just to get a break from the relentless sun). Continue your day of treating yourself by hitting up one of the many shopping malls.

Of course, for the more adventurous travelers out there, that’s really not enough. There are an array of Las Vegas hikes that you can head off on, to both take in some incredible sights and hit those fitness goals as well. If that’s not daring enough, you can even try something more adventurous – like a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or even something a little more wild like a hike or perhaps a skydive!

The only person guaranteed to be with us at any point is ourselves. This is true no matter where you are in the world – so cast aside your fears, and get out and experience it.

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