Female Packing list for Europe (Vegan & Eco-friendly)

15th September 2019

what to pack for europe

Who hasn’t fallen prey of either totally over-packing and not wearing half of what they brought or, at the other end of the spectrum, feeling way too utilitarian and backpacker-ish for a fancy little city break? I have definitely done both when preparing my packing list for Europe. As a seasoned backpacker, I tend to fall in the latter category most of the time, but I do like to feel stylish when I’m city-hopping in trendy capitals. Do you think it’s possible to look sort of trendy-ish yet comfortable AND pack just in a carry-on luggage? I like to think so! I’ve done a fair bit of city-hopping these past years (and there’s more ahead, stay tuned!), and this is my tried-and-tested packing list for Europe. I’m a pretty neutral-shade type of gal, and in this specific case, it makes sense to pack that way, because everything will fit together. Hurray for keeping it simple! Here are my essential travel items.

NB. All brands featured here are either fair trade, vegan, ethical or all of the above, because it’s important!

Packing list for Europe: my essential travel items

The Best Carry on BackpackFemale Packing list for Europe

Top priority on your packing list for Europe, picking the best carry on backpack can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. When I started full-time trave, I bought an Osprey backpack and it has literally seen hell and back and is still in great working order. The only reason I have this brand new 40L Osprey Fairview is because I wanted to downsize.

TRIED AND TESTED FLAT SHOESPacking list for Europe

Best to stick to well-worn shoes you know will sustain you through long days of walking. My go-to of the moment are these black cap hi-top trainers by Ethletic, an ethical and vegan shoe brand I absolutely adore. Whatever you decide on, make sure they are well worn in and won’t cause blisters.


europe packlist

I’ve said this a few times, but I live half of my life in yoga clothes. When styled properly, I think they can be super stylish too! Not only that, they are lightweight and take no room in a suitcase and they dry very quickly. This Fall, I’ll be carrying this Yoiqi jumpsuit and these super soft and stretchy pants from Real Yoga Gear. Obviously, those double up as yoga clothes too! 😉


I missed jeans when I was travelling through South East Asia for 2 years. Skinny jeans are my go-to and I always carry a pair or two of these with me. Whatever the jeans, there must be a ton of stretch! These are really just yoga pants in disguise!

Cozy Hoodies

I love soft cozy layers and this Recolution overlap sweatshirt is the best! It’s soft and warm and cozy and perfect to wear both on the plane and out and about sightseeing. I also have this one from Plant Faced and I love it too. Very colourful! 😉

Neutral cotton tees

Next on my packing list for Europe are a few neutral-coloured cotton t-shirts and right now, I am loving everything that comes from the Danish brand Organic Basics. I guess travelling with basics is the theme here (and of my life in general I guess), and all you really need is a couple of fashion accessories to jazz things up!

Quick drying underwear

I stopped wearing underwire bras long ago and ain’t going back. There are several sports bras that are still flattering, and I love everything that comes from Vyayama. For more ethical underwear, check out AIKYou & Erlich Textil, two other favourites of mine.

Some accessories

I always carry a couple of jewelry items with me and never feel plain! My industrial steel rings from Ashkal Jewelry and my mega-cool 100% vegan watch from Votch are really all I need to go from plain to stylish.

A lightweight compact jacket

Ah, the logistics of travelling with only a carry-on when you don’t know what the weather will be like. This all vegan puffer jacket by Finisterre solves any issue by converting into a travel pillow, turning it into a travel essential. Weighing in at only 400g, it is windproof, water-resistant and most importantly warm.


I know you’re not going to a beach holiday, but trust me when I say pack a pair of sunnies and thank me later when you look at your photos and are pretty grateful that you can’t see your tired eyes from last night’s cheap wine bender.


Don’t let last night’s excess or the fact that you are outside of your usual routine take you away from your mat! I’m still searching for the perfect travel yoga mat, but currently, I travel with this Manduka travel mat and, despite the fact I can’t say I love it, it has the advantage of being really light!


Another essential travel item that will double up as a blanket in cold planes and will be your best friend when comes the time to get creative with your Insta-shots, an oversized scarf is also the perfect cozy accessory to jazz up any basics.

WHAT’S ON YOUR Packing list for Europe?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links which give me a small cut if you make a booking. This comes at no cost to you and allows me to continue running this blog!

4 thoughts on “Female Packing list for Europe (Vegan & Eco-friendly)

  1. Danielle Magee

    Your list is exactly what I brought on my last trip to Europe. This scarf would be amazing, love the size! Thanks for the chance.

  2. Norman Tighe

    And for the Male traveller? Black Converse hi-tops and Merrill walking shoes, 2 Karrimor travel trousers – one pair that convert to shorts, 3 Craghopper shirts – 1 shirt sleeve, couple of quick dry T shirts, zip up fleece top, North Face down jacket, shemagh, G Shock solar watch, 20,00mAh power pack, Asus T200 transformer notebook, Canon bridge camera (takes AA batteries). Loctote super secure travel bag is amazing.

    1. Sir Janosch

      Hej Norman, I mostly agree to your choices. However, I’d suggest to exchange the Converses and North Face down jacket (rather go cruelty free and synthetic if possible) for the Vivobarefoot ( Primus Lite or Gobi IIdepending on your preferences, or the the Patagonia Micropuff Hoody.


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