Fashion Trends for 2020 – Fad, Trendy, or Timeless

31st July 2019

Who decides what is stylish? The answer to this question is simple: we do. As consumers, we identify whether a fashion trend is acceptable. If you wear a new outfit or accessory and it gains popularity, you may consider it as fashionable. If you leave it hanging in your closet for long and eventually throw it away, its life will come to an end.

To better know how a new style eventually goes away or becomes accepted as fashion you should understand the terms fad, trendy and timeless.

A fad is a style that lasts only a small period, or one season (sometimes even less). It is mostly a novelty that is followed by a certain group of people as it gains attention through peers or media. However, individuals quickly lose interest in it. There are many fashion fads out there. Parachute pants were a fad, so were the 80’s big hair. And there are several fads going on at the moment that may bring us laughs 10 years from now.

On the other hand, trendy fashion consists of styles that people wear on a regular basis, and they’re considered as timeless when they last for several seasons. They’re also accepted by a wide range of individuals. Trendy is style that has grown – and will continue to grow – in market size. You just know it’s going to be accepted from one year to the next. Trendy and timeless fashion represents a new way of life.

Fashion Trends & Fads for 2020

As 2020 approaches, here’s what’s trending and what’s facing a rough patch in the fashion community.

Trending: Sustainable Fashion

Fair and ethical fashion goes hand in hand with everyone’s concern for the environment, and thankfully several brands are using recycled plastic in fashion as a way to repose trash. I am on board!

Fad: Tall Heels

Four to five-inch heels is a style that has rapidly decreased since last year. Women now realize that practicality and comfort go hand in hand with visual appeal. Therefore, they’re investing in shoes that are both comfortable enough to commute in and stylish, which is why there has been a rise in demand for low block-heels and sneakers. As for heels, more inches are a thing of the past and the style is now modernized with easy-to-wear variants.

Trendy & Timeless: Floral

The love for Mother Nature makes this fashion trend timeless. The flowers-as-adornment style is as old as the hills. However, in terms of being printed on clothes, blossoms were spotted on Genoese velvets back in the 1400s. The trend keeps coming back because it’s adored in the world of fashion. Flowers are considered as a symbol for women. Also, there are several interpretations to cater to any taste – from full-on flower trends to soft petals. In 2020, floral is seen on accessories like scarfs that can be used to spruce up any classic cardigan.

Daily, you want to look respectable, without inviting criticism. Know what’s in and what’s out and match your style accordingly to instantly look more fashionable.

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