My favourite travel blogs of 2014

4th January 2015

favourite travel blogs of 2014

2014 was the year where I really started to take blogging more seriously and, although this blog has actually been alive since 2010 (most of the posts are private because they are utter crap), I would consider that I officially only started blogging in 2014. As a newbie travel blogger, I have found great inspiration in the work of other bloggers and, as a traveler, I have shifted my travel research from only the Lonely Planet and Wikitravel to mostly just consulting travel blogs. I find that when you relate to the bloggers you are reading, their content becomes just like a personalized recommendation from a good friend you trust.

I thought I would present you with the blogs I have read the most in 2014. I realize now that most of them are food related! 😉


Lauren Juliff from Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren’s success is so inspiring and so well deserved. I started reading her blog very early on in 2014 (I found her post about Otres Beach whilst in Otres myself) and instantly fell in love with her way of documenting both her adventures and misadventures. The “incidents” section of her blog is as entertaining as any novel I’ve ever read. I can’t wait for her book to be out in 2015.


Year of the durian blog by Rob and Lindsay

This was also one of the first blogs to make it to my travel blog roll. I thought I was obsessed with durian, but Lindsay and Rob have shown me a whole new level of obsession and led me to have the best durian of my life in the process. They have been traveling through mostly South East Asia (anywhere where durian grows, really) since 2012, sampling and documenting the best durian there is in the world. As they describe it, their blog “provides a unique perspective on traveling off the beaten path in Southeast Asia with an awareness of the cultural, political, environmental and just plain weird aspects of eating durian.” I can’t not love them.


Mark Wiens, the man behind Eating Thai Food and Migrationology

I started watching Mark’s videos before we even got to Thailand and it got me so pumped about the culinary adventure that is Thailand. Mark is a real food enthusiast and, although I wouldn’t put my lips remotely close to 90% of what he eats, his love and passion for Thailand and Thai food are truly infectious. I dare anyone not to get a craving for something spicy after watching his videos. He also has a segment dedicated to vegan and vegetarian food and a whole eBook devoted to vegetarian food in Thailand. I’m hungry.


Camille from This American Girl Blog

I met Camille, a self proclaimed beach bum, in a youth hostel in Cambodia back in March and wish I’d had more time to get to know her and pick her brain a little. Camille is a bubbly, driven, spiritual, passionate and daring solo traveler and I have found great inspiration in her. I also love the fact that she’s a bit of a health food wacko like myself and travels with a jar of water kefir culture in her backpack. Her writing is like poetry and her spiritual journey commands a large audience, but I have also found infallible advice in her hotel and restaurant recommendations.


Luke from Hungry Ang Mo Blog

Luke’s blog is, to me, hands down the best and most thorough vegan food guide for Singapore and Malaysia (he also has a few reviews for Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Taiwan). We went to several restaurants based on his reviews and have never ever been let down. Better yet, the best food I’ve had in the whole of 2014 was found through his blog.


Screenshot (7)

There are so many awesome bloggers coming from the Philippines and We Are Sole Sisters is a collective of a few women, most of them Philippinas, that I have grown to love following. I just love how enterprising and resourceful these girls are and I kind of just want to jump up and down while high-fiving them and scream “GIRL POWER”… in a good way! I love discovering other female bloggers through their Spotlight section.


Scribble, Snap, Travel blog

I recently discovered Andreas and Ankit’s fairly new blog and I’ve quickly grown to love following their adventures as another traveling couple. Andrea’s writing is so smooth – I look up to her very much – and Ankit’s photography is simply beautiful. I believe that, between the two of them, they have the perfect recipe for success and I can’t wait to watch their blog blossom to success. Plus, it is thanks to them that I decided that, fuck it, I’m going to India.

So there you hate it!

What have been your favourite travel blogs to follow in 2014?

19 thoughts on “My favourite travel blogs of 2014

  1. Andrea Anastasiou

    Thank you SO much for including us! We’re oh so chuffed! We’re also glad that you found us, because we love your blog too! I’ll make sure I share this on our social media accounts over the next day or so 🙂

  2. Mark Wiens

    Huge thank you for including me on this list Amélie, keep up the great blog, photos, and videos… and so cool to hear you love durian – Lindsay and Rob are doing an amazing job with Year of the Durian. Happy new year!


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