13th November 2017

Yay – road trips! They’re the stuff of real legend, and whether you’ve only ever gone on one or two, or a whole bunch, it’s a sure bet your memory of the entire and crazy journey is as fresh as the day you set off. And if you have never been on a backpacking road trip – what the hell are you waiting for?!

The vast expanse of the incredible United States is matched only by… the vast expanse of awesome Australia. Both are the perfect places to embark on the backpacking road-trip journey of a lifetime and have the time of your life along the way.

But apart from planning the route so you take in all the great Australian sights you’re dying to see, what about the wheels?You need to make sure you have a trusty car to call your own. You can search here and find yourself a great one. If you’re thinking about a kinda mini road-trip – the sad version where you spend a few days driving between a few dusty towns and citIes, or even up to a week (you mad devil) roaming between various places – maybe you might have the budget for a rental.


But let’s get serious: we’re talking about a REAL Aussie backpacking trip with the roaring thunder of metal and gas and everything else ferrying us whereEVER we wanna go. Did you know Australia has the longest highway in the entire world, one that loops all around the heavily populated edge of the wonderous continent and altogether encompases an astonshing 14,500 km (9,000 miles)? No, I didn’t think so. And that’s before you even think about venturing into the great wild world of the Australian outback.

So, no. A rental just will not do for our Great Aussie Backpacking Adventure. We’re gonna splash some cash and get wheels all of our own. They will be ours to call our home; the conveyance of our Antipodean adventure; the freedom-chariot to let us do, stop and travel wherever we want. Long and dusty buses and long and dusty waits for buses in Australia – no thanks, mate!

And before you even start thinking it will be way too expensive, ask yourself how much you’d had over to that rental car firm for 30 days on the Australian highway – that’s how long it will take to do what’s locally known as the “Big Lap” around the country. Megabucks!

Done and dusted, my friend.


Plus if there’s a bunch of you planning an Aussie backpacking road trip, everyone chipping in for the cost of a secondhand car or van will make it seem like it’s cheap as chips. And you’ll all be tempted to stay far longer, so you get much more value from your mobile investment.

We can thankfully give mercy to the wondrous invention of the World Wide Web for making so many aspects of our lives so much better, including travel. Now, when you’re looking for something like a vehicle for a road trip in Australia, you can get it organised before you even leave home. Sites like Gumtree have all kinds of cool cars, vans, 4WDs, station wagons and more that are suitable for different types of road trips and how long you’re planning to be on the road, and in the vehicle (as in living in a van).

Find a make and model you like, weigh up the price – it’s always possible to bag a vehicular bargain on these helpful sites – and get in touch with the owner. You could be minutes away from hammering out a deal and having your new car waiting for you when you arrive. So search online and see what you find, and you won’t have to waste time looking at newspaper ads or visiting car showrooms in Australia.

Now you have the road-trip freedom you need, as well as saving tons of cash on a rental. And you can get to all sorts of madcap Australian places that are not served by public transportation. This is the stuff of real road-trip dreams. Happy Australian motoring!

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