Five famous libraries in the USA everyone should visit

1st August 2019

In terms of architecture, libraries are often some of the most impressive buildings on the planet. What is more, they serve the educational purpose as well. You have probably spent a lot of time in the library while studying at college or university. The US has some of the most beautiful libraries in the world, but also some of the biggest: one of many interesting facts about the USA is that the Library of Congress is the largest in the world! But I digress. Here are examples of some of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

The first library to mention is George Peabody Library located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. As it can be understood from its name, it was founded George Peabody. He was a philanthropist and wanted to create a place where people could gain more knowledge. What is more, Peabody decided to build a library to thank the citizens of Baltimore for their hospitality. As a result, the city got an amazing library where anyone can focus on reading or learning something new.

The next impressive building to highlight is Central Library in Seattle, Washington, USA. The library was first opened in 2004. It is very contemporary. What is more, it is a great example of how one can reinvent the concept of libraries in the modern world. Speaking about Boston Public Library, its architecture style can be described as Italian. What is more, this is the second-largest library in the United States of America. This library will be a perfect choice when you need some piece and quiet to study. However, don’t get frustrated if you cannot concentrate on your assignments as academic writing assistance is right on hand. Feel free to get help from reputable essay writing services to deal with your task faster. You will have an expert assisting you with essay writing during the whole process. A top quality and affordable essay writing service is right at your disposal. Address your request to an agency you trust and academic writing will no longer be so complex.

New York Public Library is the third-largest library in America. Nearly 53 million items are available at this building. This library is often described as beaux arts landmark. The most impressive building within the library is the Rose Main Reading Room. One of the most fascinating facts about New York public library is that the length of the main reading room equals the length of two city blocks of the city.

The last library to mention is Beinecke Rare Book Library that is located in New Haven, Connecticut. What is vital to mention is that this building is the archive of Yale University Library. As you have already understood, its collection includes some of the rarest manuscripts and books that still exist in the world. Speaking about its architecture style, it has been built in such a way that its rare documents get enough light to be properly displayed. In addition, it helps to avoid damaging of the books due to light exposure. The materials which have been used in the process of building the library include granite, marble and bronze. The collection of books is vast including the Gutenberg Bible.

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