Four European Locations You Should Have On Your No Miss List!

18th January 2021

The wonderful and frustrating thing about a nomadic life is that you can only visit one place at a time. While this opens you up to many exciting experiences and adventures. There is always that little voice in the back of your head saying: there are other places to go, you are missing out.

That is why it can be helpful to silence this nagging voice with no miss list. That is where you write down all the places you plan to go in the future, even if you aren’t immediately heading that way. To start you off, here are a few of my top locations for your ‘no miss list.’ Enjoy!


Budapest deserves a spot on you no miss list, partly because of it such an unexpected sort of place. It is a crazy mix of the old and the new. Chock full of amazing little coffee shops to explore, and parks in which you can appreciate the balmy weather, even if you are in the middle of the city. And the best Hungarian restaurants are of course in Budapest.

Then there are the spas, that are all over this city. The Hungarians love a good spa and flock to them in their thousands. They are sort of like Budapest’s answer to not having a beach for summer time. People just go there instead. There are old one like the Gellert. As well as newer ones too. But they all charge very reasonable admission fees and are well worth spending some time luxuriating in.


Another place to add to your no miss list is the stunning city of Paris. This city has an atmosphere like no other. Some may even say that it has a certain ‘joie de vivre!’ It should be on your list because of many valid reasons. Firstly, they make the best bread and pastry there ever.

Secondly, you cannot help but be mesmerized by all the wonderfully imposing buildings that create the heart of this city. Thirdly the gorgeous River Seine that snakes through the center is a great place to take a walk or just watch the world go by.


The island of Mykonos Is also a strong contender for adding to your no miss list. It really is a little piece of paradise with its warm blue seas and sandy beaches. There is even one named Paradise Beach, so you get the idea!

To make full use of the relaxing possibilities of such a visit, most people choose to rent of one the Mykonos Villas that are available. Then they have those of their own private pool, as well as a stunning view to occupy them on their lazier days.


Lastly another worthy entry onto you no miss list is the city of Berlin. Located in Germany, Berlin is that rare type of place that is full of hope and culture, as well as being a memorial to the countries darker past.

You can tour sites like the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie to investigate what life has been like in this city for its residents. Or, you can eat at some mighty fine restaurants and experience the wild techno nightlife that Berlin is so famous for.

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