Getting naked in Germany at Kitkat Club Berlin

12th October 2018

I remember being at my Couchsurfing host Laura in Milan in preparation for my arrival to Berlin, a little shy of two years ago. She happened to be living between the two cities and kept yapping on about how free-spirited Berlin was. Specifically, she mentioned several times how wonderful it was that people were just naked in clubs like Berghain and Kitkat Berlin, having sex in public as casually as you’d sip on a Coors Light back where I’m from.

I remember thinking she was either completely off her rocker, or something decidedly weird or wrong was going down in Berlin.

I remember thinking that. That was cute.

Fast-forward nearly two years, and find me half-naked in a nightclub in Berlin.

Oh, Berlin.

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin.

… Smirk.

Where to start. Maybe with the fact that I am excessively prude, despite what the people in my social circle here would say of me right now. I really am! But there is this very healthy approach to nudity in Germany that’s been captivating me since day one. And Berlin has loosened me up, in all the best possible ways. I fucking love Berlin.

It all started as a bit of a joke when I was trying to convince myself that going to a spa completely naked with a group of friends was no biggie. In Germany, it’s considered unhygienic to use the spa facilities with a swimsuit on, so everyone’s in the buff. So I guess it’s the spa culture that pulled me into this investigation of public nudity, and along came the FKK movement (Freikörperkultur, or free body culture). I can’t quite pinpoint when I decided I wanted to know more and free my own body. But I did and, as it’d been the case with several aspects of my life since becoming single, I also wanted to test my own boundaries.

Was I naive before or has Berlin turned me into a pervert? There’s a bit of truth in both, I suppose.

It the grander scheme of things though, my night at Kitkat Berlin was pretty tame. I went with a girlfriend, danced the night away, and got home by 7am, which is pretty early for a night out in Berlin. What’s been more interesting was to observe the changes that have operated in me between being shell-shocked such a thing would happen when I was back in Milan, and seeing it as a harmless night out two years later. Sure, there were people fucking around me, but to me at that moment in time it was just beautiful. I’ll just politely insert a little PSA about safe sex right here as it seems appropriate. I recommend that if you’re going to live a lifestyle with multiple partners, it is important to get tested every few months. For that there are companies like STDcheck that provide fast, private and affordable testing. Oh man, Kitkat was beautiful. And I was beautiful. And everyone was beautiful.

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Planning to visit a sex club in Berlin?

What to wear?

In my book, the less you wear the better! I visited Kitkat Club wearing these latex hotpants and a see-through H&M bralette and felt overdress. So I got this little number for next time! In Berlin you can also visit Maskworld, Très Bonjour, and Swartzer Reiter for costumes and fetish wear.

What’s going to happen once you’re in there?

Nothing you don’t want to happen! Kitkat Club has got to be the most consensual place I have ever visited. And if you have any health concerns, can answer all your questions. But before all that, if you’re anything like me, I was curious about the logistics of getting “undressed” once you arrive there. After being asked by the doorman if we were wearing anything a bit sexier under our woolly jumpers and both of us simultaneously flashing him, we followed everyone and disrobed at the door, leaving everything at the free cloakroom. Kitkat is super chill! The people are beautiful, there are loads of chilling, dancing, and cuddling areas, and some darker areas where naughtier stuff is happening, but really, it’s for you to decide what you do with your evening. With such a place comes a set of rules and I felt respected and comfortable to a point I never did in any other random bar.

There’s nothing more you should specifically know about KitKat Club Berlin. I think it’s something that should be experienced if that’s what you’re into, not because that’s “the thing to do.” If you love to feel free and liberated, if you’re comfortable with nudity and with people fucking around you, if you’re kinky as I am, if the idea of getting a bit high and feeling like you’re in a Stanley Kubrick movie rocks your world as it did for me, then by all means go and visit a sex club when you come to Berlin.


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22 thoughts on “Getting naked in Germany at Kitkat Club Berlin

  1. Eric Gamble

    Whoa! Darcee & I were just there in Berlin and somehow we missed this entire world! We definitely explored their party world and it was good. Being from New Orleans nothing really shocked us but we are getting older so we definitely enjoyed the experience overall and felt that it was awesome. But we totally missed hearing or learning about their Sex Club worlds even though now I remember something about it on one of those HBO afterdark documentaries.
    Do places like the kit kat target singles or did you see couples there?

    1. Amélie Post author

      It targets everyone! It’s a very inclusive and respectful place and the crowd tends to be quite mature, so you wouldn’t feel old or anything 🙂

  2. Siddhartha Joshi

    Even tough you cal yourself prude, I think it was very prude of you to actually go naked all the way! I also visited a naked spa in Germany last year and the experience was extremely liberating…and I would do it again when I visit the country next time. Maybe even a sex club too 🙂

  3. Fiona Maclean

    LOL I think I might have missed the boat on this – I’d have gone along in my 20s or 30s – but I’m now a little too old! It sounds like it was a fascinating and enlightening experience though so I am a little sad that I’ve probably left it too late

    1. Amélie Post author

      Not at all! There are people of all ages in there! The clubbing crowd is quite mature in Berlin. I’m 36 and I definitely felt like some of the youngest there 🙂

  4. Jose Harvey

    I couldn’t agree more with your frank assessment of sex clubs and what happens. Anything goes and there is something liberating about that. My thing is I always feel a bit hesitant…being a gay man…when I go to some sex clubs. I typically find that my hesitancy is quite unwarranted. Love that you write about these things! KitKat sounds fun!

      1. Guy

        Yeah me & a friend, both heterosexual went to check it out on a saturday. They refused us entry at the door, probably because we are straight males. So we went to friedrichshain instead to party. Much better.

  5. Nisha

    Quite interesting. I have read about clothing optional beaches and visited FKK in Vienna along the Danube (fully clothed) but never heard of nude clubs. Would I go there?

  6. Alli

    It definitely sounds like quite the experience! I’m glad you mentioned the reasons why you should experience something like this over going because you feel like it’s “the thing to do.” When I was in Bangkok, I fell into the trap of the latter. I went to see a patpong show, not because I wanted to or thought it would be something I’d enjoy, but because I thought it “was the thing to do.” I was uncomfortable during my visit and couldn’t wait to leave! And I am someone who wouldn’t consider myself a prude or anything but it just wasn’t for me! So because of that experience, I can’t say I would be keen on this experience in Berlin but maybe it would be, who knows! I’m sure Bangkok and Berlin are quite different in their own way, right? 🙂

  7. Lois Alter Mark

    Wow, this is a world I’ve never experienced and I feel like a voyeur just reading about it! My trips to Berlin have only involved history and culture and food! I’m glad you had a good time and especially glad to hear about everyone respecting the idea of consent.

  8. Rugga

    Berlin i am coming. There are many blogs which tells what wear to reduce you chance of rejection but all those for women. Can someone tell what are menswear for these clubs? Wear nothing is one answer but what if I want to wear something?

    1. Amélie Post author

      That is such a good point, and I’m sorry I haven’t addressed that. To be honest, I don’t have the answer, I’m really not a fan of male fetishwear, and I’m not too sure what else there is. The only thing that comes to mind is a horrible reference to 50 shades of grey and his ripped up jeans with a bare chest… For me that still works though. I will have a good search around and update my article! Thanks!

      1. Rugga

        Thanks Amélie, I will be traveling from Switzerland to Berlin just to explore this new world. So any suggestion will be great. If not KitKat then any alternate?


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