Where to Go While Exploring Greece

27th July 2018

Without a doubt, Greece is one of the best countries to visit, as there really is something for everyone here. From exploring ancient ruins, to relaxing on the beach and devouring delicious Greek food, you’re bound to have a brilliant time here.


There are lots of attractions that you can enjoy in Athens, but one of the most popular is perhaps The Acropolis, which was built in the 5th BC. It contains several ancient structures, which include the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike. You should also visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus, among other ancient ruins. You will also have a diverse selection of cafes and restaurants serving the best Greek foods. To end your vacation, go shopping in the quaint neighborhood of Plaka, which is known for its unique trinkets and souvenirs and authentic Greek oils.


If you have seen Greece in postcards, in most cases, Santorini is the one pictured. Its white houses and blue church domes are instantly recognizable. It is also known for its magical sunsets, which are best viewed from the caldera. If you love food and wine, get to Santorini now. You will also be spoiled for choice when it comes to lavish villas options and places to go shopping.


Known as The Grand Lady, Hydra is another place in Greece that should be part of your bucket list. It has stunning architecture and rich history, making it interesting. By law, there are no motorized vehicles allowed in the island, except for garbage trucks, and it is one of the world’s best car free islands. Donkeys and horses are what most people use to get around. Water taxis are also popular. The best way to explore Hydra is through its many walking paths and cobbled streets. If you want to swim, on the other hand, Aghios Nikolaos Beach is the best place.


Built in 400 BC, this is an excellent Greek destination for anyone with an interest in history. It is also home to a number of UNESCO Heritage Sites, which include the Medieval City of Rhodes and the Acropolis of Lindos. Rhodes International Airport is located at the top of the country, but if you rent a car you’ll find that it takes only a couple of hours to reach the other end of the island, so you can spend your time exploring all the beaches and historical sites without having to drive too far. Rhodes is also recognized as the sunniest place in the country, you can expect the weather to be fine year-round.


From all the Greek Ionian islands, Corfu is the second largest. One of its best attractions is the Old Town, which is best explored through a leisurely stroll. The Old Fortress is also a must-visit, which will provide you with a commanding view of the coastline. Of course, your visit will not be complete without seeing the beaches of Corfu, which include Paleokastritsa and Avlaki Beach. And this way if you’re wondering what to eat in Corfu.


The largest amongst the islands in Greece, this is another destination that you should definitely not miss. From rugged mountains to a pristine coastline, there is something here for any traveler. From small villages to charming coffee shops, your day will be filled with places to see and things to experience. The place is also steep in history as it is a host to a number of archeological sites. When it comes to beaches, some of the best include Balos Beach, Elafonissi Beach, and Vai Beach. Make sure you get a car rental in Crete sorted so you can explore it all!

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