Go Green: What Can You Implement in Your Daily Routine Right Now?

17th November 2020

Governments worldwide deal with the burning issue of the collapse of our environmental sustainability by implementing new regulations and laws. There are firm measures to raise the social awareness of the problem. One of them is a clock in New York City that shows how much time has left till the global deadline; that is the moment when the temperature on Earth would be 1.5 degrees Celsius higher. However, the significant worldwide change starts with little steps of individual people that can be effortlessly introduced to everyday life. What can you do to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle aside from ethical banking? Keep on reading to find out.

Alternative Means of Transport

Gas emissions that contribute enormously to pollution can be reduced if you use alternative means of transport. There are approximately 1.88 vehicles per U.S. household. It is a considerable number that makes the air we breathe worse and worse.

Instead of buying a car that emits toxic gasses and makes you continuously stand in the traffic, choose a bicycle. Riding a bike to work provides you with your daily amount of sports activities and improves your health.

If there is no other option than driving somewhere, you can choose an Uber from time to time. The cost of Uber is relatively low so instead of emptying your pockets on a new car, gas, and insurance, use an app and quickly get to your destination.

The Bygone Era of Plastic Bags

In most European countries, you are no longer offered a plastic bag to pack your shopping. However, there are still those little plastic bags in plenty of European supermarkets to pack your groceries in it. If you already implemented taking your backpack or a fancy shopping basket when you do your groceries, get a material bag for fruits and vegetables.

If you have manual skills, you can have some fun and sew one. However, there are plenty of shops in which you can buy pretty reusable bags. Instead of buying one in a big store, check if local shops have some in their offer. You can get yourself a fancy one with a cute design and take pleasure from your grocery shopping. Moreover, watch out for the packages and try to choose the ones you can put freely into your basket.


A habit that you should give up to reduce air pollution is undoubtedly smoking. However, if the mere idea of quitting your beloved cigarettes is frightening, you can pay attention to the place you throw away the cigarette butts. Do not throw them on the streets and always look for an ashtray if you are outside.

Moreover, instead of buying a pack of cigarettes, you can start to roll them. There are already biodegradable, eco-friendly cigarette filters and plenty of kinds of tobacco that you can choose depending on your taste. Replace the regular cigarettes with rolled ones so that you can make your habit at least a little more eco-friendly.

A Dishwasher Is Your Friend

The Earth is running out of natural resources, and we should care more about the amount of water we use. Taking a shower instead of a bath makes you save a few litres of water per day, but that is not the only change you should implement.

Surprisingly, using a dishwasher is more eco-friendly than washing the dishes in your sink. That can be a relieving fact for those of you who associate this household chore with the haunting nightmare. A dishwasher can save up to 5,000 gallons of water per year. The main factor that makes it possible is the automatic heater, which uses much less energy to warm up the water.

A Sheet of Paper

Printing contributes to air pollution, energy waste, and the production of more and more litter. To go green, you should print as little as possible. However, if you need printed materials, think about the possible ways of reduction of paper usage.

First and foremost, you can use the old materials that you no longer need. Put the old sheet of paper into the printer and use it a second time instead of a clear one. Due to that, you save half of the sheet that you usually use, and the only disadvantage would be the back of your document with some text or pictures.

Appreciate Mother Earth

Those few changes in your daily routine can save the life of a few trees. If implemented by entire communities, it can even slow down the countdown on the New York clock. Adding to that, remember about the limited Earth resources and appreciate nature as long as it is still available to us. Go to the nearest forest, take a few deep breaths, listen to the animals’ sounds, and go green to be able to cherish moments like this a little bit longer. Your eco-friendly lifestyle will help your children and future generations enjoy their lives on the only inhabitable planet known to humans.

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