Great Places to Visit in Langkawi

20th September 2019

If you are a fan of marine expeditions and adventure-packed diving experiences, then you ought to consider taking a trip to Langkawi. Considered one of the richest and most electrifying travel packages, this island gives you everything from an impeccable, world-renowned underwater world, to the simpler, relaxing, pure sun and sand experience.

So what makes Langkawi a value destination? What makes it stand out from your average beach experience? Well, here is a list of destinations that have been a dab hand at establishing this island as a must-visit tropical gem. Let’s jump right into this Langkawi travel guide, shall we? Be sure to head over and check out flights from Singapore to Langkawi!

Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

If you’re a fan of architecture, then this immense Eagle sculpture will be the first monument to catch your eye as you walk through Kuah Jetty. It is, however not just about this beautiful Eagle, the area also houses great restaurants where you can sample a variety of local and international cuisine, as well numerous duty-free shops where you can purchase bits and trinkets to take home with you.

Langkawi Cable Car

Next on the list is a 15-minute ride up the 708 meters tall Mat Cincang mountain peak. The ride up the mountain gives you a clear view of breathtaking waterfalls, the world-famous Langkawi rainforests, as well as a variety of sights and sounds. It’s one of the best places to take memorable photos, as several pit stops offer open-air viewing decks as you go up the mountain.

Langkawi Underwater World

A trip to Langkawi wouldn’t be complete without the famous Underwater World. Home to over 500 species of marine life. If you can find your way to the Pantai Cenang beach, then you will be one of the lucky few people to see such rare creatures as seahorses, the mandarin ducks as well as a variety of rare sea creatures. This beach town also has other cool places to visit, such as the Zon shopping paradise that is quite conveniently located. Make a point of visiting the Langkawi Underwater world as it is one of the island’s most popular destinations.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

What is now considered the pride and joy of this beautiful island, the Langkawi Bridge stretches a massive 125 meters and is quite the sight! If you are into a bit of adventure, then this breathtaking piece of engineering will terrify you as you climb to 700 meters above sea level. It is worth it though, as you get a panoramic view of the Telaja Tujuh falls, the Gunung Mat Cinang and other beautiful islands surrounding Langkawi. It’s one of the more pocket-friendly destinations, and it allows you to sit and enjoy yourself while looking out at the island’s natural beauty.

Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise

After your little stint at the Underwater World, you would understandably want to see some land animals, perhaps some bird species. Here you get to see crocodiles, raccoons, as well as up to 150 different species of birds from all over the globe. It’s a great place to go with the family, you can sit and watch feeding sessions and just generally familiarize yourself with all the various species of animals.


Langkawi is never short of excitement, every destination gives you an entirely different experience from the last one, so you are always guaranteed an eventful trip. What are you waiting for? Head over and book the most popular hotels in Langkawi now!

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