Great Yoga Retreats in Peru

While Peru may not be your first thought of destination when you start looking for yoga retreats, this is one of the most sacred and spiritual countries in the world, and whether you’re traveling for the experience of reaching Machu Picchu as the sun rises over the ancient citadel, or to partake in an ayahuasca ceremony, Peru is definitely worth the journey.

The best yoga retreats in the world include places in India, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Greece, but if you’re spending time in South America here is a selection we’ve hand-picked for you in 2023.

Willka T’ika, Peru

This is a luxury wellness retreat set in Peru’s Sacred Valley. It’s an eco-friendly sanctuary in between Machu Picchu and Cusco, meaning you can easily combine a retreat with a visit to the ancient Inca citadel (because have you really visited Peru if you haven’t been to Machu Picchu!)

What we love about Willka T’ika, is that you can choose to join a multi-day group retreat, or simply book in for an overnight stay. While they do have all-inclusive wellness programs which include sightseeing, cultural activities, and hiking (as well as your yoga of course!), you can also check in simply to tap into the peaceful energy for the night.

This is a sustainable retreat that offers vegetarian meals and supports the local community through employment opportunities for local adventure guides, and Andean rituals with local healers. Their yoga studios are modern, and face the sun, the views are spectacular, and the energy feels like utopia. This isn’t just a yoga retreat, you truly feel immersed in Peruvian culture.

Pro tip: You’ll find that a lot of Peru’s best yoga retreats are based around the Sacred Valley, or run their retreats to Lake Titicaca. Don’t worry if you’re in a part of the country which doesn’t have access to a retreat or class, you can still take advantage of the energy of Peru’s nature to practice self care. For instance, if traveling the coast from Arequipa to Ica, take your yoga mat with you for your own personal journey, including sites like the sacred Nazca Lines, and yoga sessions powered by the energy of the sea.

Chakana Yoga Center

A center in Cusco which offers both public classes and retreats, Chakana Yoga Center specializes in Shamanic Yoga which aims to restore the connection between mind and body, believing that the knowledge and healing we all need lies within.

Taking a class is a great way to introduce yourself to shamanism, general practices of which include a focus on consciousness, vibration and rhythm, interconnection, presence, awareness, and healing.

It’s run by Anthony Alcalde, who started as a healer and teacher in the late 90’s, and runs retreats throughout Nicaragua and Peru. He is a yoga, acroyoga instructor, shamanic practitioner and movement educator, and spent 7 years in the jungle learning from tribes throughout Peru.

You can turn up for a public class, or book in for a private one. They also offer Thai massage, meditation, Shamanic Illumination, plant medicine ceremonies, custom yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, and you can find their upcoming retreats on their Facebook page.

Meditation Retreat Peru

Meditation Retreat Peru offers 5 day, 7 day, or 12 day spiritual tours which take in the sacred sites of Peru, while offering transformational practices like yoga and meditation.

They are best known for their silent meditation retreats on Lake Titicaca, which takes place on the island of Amantani, tapping into the energy of the ancient temples which remain.

You can join their retreats as a solo traveler, as a group, or as a couple. The founder, Stephen, studied mystical traditions and organizes these retreats to share his knowledge of Peru’s ancient wisdom.

Tambo Ilusion

Tambo Illusion is a property in the north of Peru in the Amazon, on 14 hectares of amazing rainforest. It’s on a natural reserve and has been created with conservation as it’s cornerstone value, so is rustic and quaint vs the luxury experience you’ll find in other parts of the country.

It’s been featured in National Geographic for its access to wildlife, and wellness programs here include nature walks, swimming in the onsite lagoon, and plenty of delicious vegetarian food. They have a beautiful yoga room, and offer a 5 day jungle yoga retreat where you can disconnect among the tranquility of the Amazon.

In addition to their yoga retreats, they also offer detox retreats, Reiki initiation retreats, SUP yoga retreats, and a 5 day vegetarian/vegan/raw cooking retreat which will give you fresh ideas for recipe options, or can act as a great introduction to the world of vegetarian, vegan, and raw food.You’ll learn about plant based food prep, as well as yoga and holistic health.