Health, Food and Travel are not just fads

7th October 2019

Yoga and vegan food can fit into any lifestyle

It’s fair to say that the internet has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to sharing information. We can learn more about the foods that are good for us and good for the planet, study yoga and other beneficial practices, and integrate new knowledge into our life by reading content and watching videos. At the same time, travel has become more accessible, allowing us to take physical steps into new worlds.

Everyone lives their own unique life. There’s no intention here to preach or tell anyone they should turn vegan and join the nearest yoga group. Just that knowledge about yoga and vegan food shouldn’t be preserved for a ‘certain kind of person’. Is it possible that everyone could benefit in some way?

There’s no need to be put off yoga, travel or vegan food because you don’t feel like you fit certain boxes, or don’t feel like it’s ‘you’. It’s not about division or categorisation, it’s about living the best life you can live. Healthy food, stretching and relaxation techniques are always beneficial, no matter who you are or what you identify with.

Yoga for sedentary lifestyle

Yoga is an excellent activity for anyone who wants to exercise, breathe more deeply and find a sense of inner peace. That just about covers everyone! If you don’t want to attend classes then you can practice yoga at home. There’s also no obligation to take pictures and/or share them with others.

Although yoga is essentially a spiritual practice at its core, it’s also a really effective way to physically stretch the body. There’s perhaps nobody who needs this more than those who live a sedentary lifestyle, that is, one that involves long periods of inactivity.

The body needs to stretch and be active. People who work in an office should always take regular rests to walk around and stretch. If you play a lot of computer games or watch TV you should also take breaks to practice yoga. Online poker players often have an enforced 5-minute break during long tournaments, and should fill this wisely with stretches that help the back and neck.

Yoga for sports players and athletes

At the other end of the spectrum to those with a sedentary lifestyle are those people who are always pushing their body to the limit. They might spend eight hours a day working out or training. How do their bodies cope? Well, hopefully they have awesome coaches who know how to get them to warm up and cool down.

Yoga can be a great help for sports players and athletes, even when it comes to their performance and recovery time. Doing yoga can even help athletes prevent injuries. It’s win-win, as simple yoga stretches are a decent use of training time, and also help to decompress the muscles and de-stress the mind and body. Those who like to take bonus bets on sports events and athlete’s performances should consider whether the stars do any yoga in their spare time. It could be the factor that sways the event.

Vegan food for all!

That looks lovely, doesn’t it?

Vegan food is not just for vegans!

It’s a strong statement, I know, but one that I feel has to be made. As humans, we enjoy taking sides and being one thing or the other, and that’s fine if you have a strong conviction towards something. But what if you don’t have a strong conviction? If you can’t define yourself as ‘vegan’, then does this mean you shouldn’t bother with ‘vegan’ food?

It’s the reason many cafes have started using alternative terms like ‘plant-based’, instead of the loaded term ‘vegan’. Even dreaded meat-eaters can enjoy a ‘plant-based’ dish without having to subconsciously change their entire world-view to accommodate for the wording.

So this is a request to non-vegans who stumble on this page. Please try some vegan food, it’s really yummy! Using more vegetables (and less meat) in the kitchen is also great. It forces you to get creative, discover new dishes and experiment with natural flavours and colours. And who doesn’t like Thai red curry?

You could start with one day a week of vegan food, or eat out at a vegan-friendly restaurant and try out a few dishes. See if you enjoy it. You don’t have to join PETA and grow dreads to eat more veg.

Bonus: travel wide

Travel has also become a bit of a cliché. It depends how you look at it really. At a certain stage in life, a certain segment of society (Western society in particular, lacking in rites of passage but more abundant in trust funds) all want the same thing, all head to similar hotspots in the travel world, and all stay in the same party hostels. Culture is gazing irreverently at temples through the thick fog of a hangover.
It’s not all like this. Actually, travel is whatever you make of it. You don’t need to join the circuit of non-confirming conformity. You can do your own thing, find and hang out with similar people, get stuck into a project to involve yourself with a community. You can also find ways to make travel work for you in your own life.

Health, vegan food and travel are not fads reserved for the few who identify with a particular lifestyle or life choice. They are awesome and rewarding in and of themselves, and I would encourage anyone who is interested to try them out.

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