Healthy NYC

24th February 2017

New York is one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s like it has a pull over the rest of the world. Despite an inauspicious start (it was originally a Dutch settlement known as New Amsterdam), New York has cemented itself as perhaps the touch point for popular culture. It’s almost impossible to mention it without listing the TV shows and movies that have made the city their home, as much of a character as any of the human stars.

If you feel the pull of the Big Apple yourself, then it’s the kind of destination that deserves a city break or a week long stay. In fact, you could probably spend a month as a New York tourist and still be finding new things to do.

If, however, you want to mix your New York experience with an enthusiasm for being health-conscious then of course, a city this diverse has got you covered.

The Spa Experience

Especially if you have been traveling away from home for a long time, you might find your body is in dire need of a little TLC. A massage to smooth the knots from your back; a face mask to help cleanse the dirt of pollution from your pores.

There are few better ways to do it than at YeloSpa on the Upper East Side. They focus on three main areas of body care: massage, skincare and – perfect for the tired tourist – nap therapy. It’s open-plan, relaxed and without the occasionally stifling feeling that some spas can create. It’s the ideal way to recharge your batteries.

Vegan Dining

If you follow a vegan diet, there are plenty of options in New York from burgers to desserts. A particular highlight is Blossom On Columbus, which features a wide range of cuisines. You can stick to your vegan diet while exploring food around the world, from Mexico to Italy to good old-fashioned soul food. A particular speciality is the lasagna.

Wining and Dining

To combine a culinary pleasure with a sightseeing opportunity, you can’t go far wrong with a wine tasting cruise NYC. How does this figure into a health focus? Firstly, the fresh air away from the traffic that dominates every inch of tarmac in the city will do your lungs the world of good. Secondly, wine is good for you in small doses, especially red wines. And thirdly – it’s fun! Giving yourself a reason to smile and enjoy novel experiences is a huge part of travel.

Yoga With A Difference

Yoga is a perfect way to find some time to be with your thoughts in the middle of the tourist trail – but it is prone to getting somewhat samey. If while in New York you fancy mixing things up a bit, then there’s no better place than Y7 yoga. Located in Soho on Broome Street, it’s easy to find and close to a number of tourist attractions so you can make a day of it. What makes this studio difference is its hip-hop flavor, summed up in the fabulous tagline: “99 problems but a bridge ain’t one”.

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