Holiday Muscle and Fitness: Forget Your Worries Not Your Workout

10th February 2017

Building muscle is universally agreed to be a good idea – on that we can all agree. Strong, healthy muscles allow us to move comfortably and take advantage of everything the world has to offer. Without good muscle and core strength, traveling extensively is almost impossible. Getting among the scenery and really taking it in means you need to be up to a long hike.

All things considered, you have to be fit to flit around the world.

While the above may be factual, it’s also true that keeping your muscles in good shape is time-consuming. Muscle training involves a lot of repetition; doing the same movement over and over again. You encourage the muscle to break down with micro tears, which then heal to make the area even stronger. It’s not a quick process, and it tends to involve weights and many, many hours in the gym.

Tends to. Only ‘tends.’ It doesn’t have to. There are ways and means of achieving your strength goals even while traveling. And don’t worry, the next suggestion is not to find a gym near your hotel and work out every morning – none of us want that. A holiday is for relaxing and exploring, not experiencing Gyms of the World.

1. Make A Plan

Sometimes, the key to building any kind of fitness is knowing what you’re going to do.

There are various ways you can follow a plan. It can be something you set for yourself, jotted down in a notebook. Perhaps it can be sit-ups before bedtime or pull-ups for breakfast; just ensure you create a regular routine. If you struggle for inspiration, then check the likes of to guide you on what the experts are saying.

The key to your plan is that it has to be portable so that it can follow you around the globe. Sit-ups and pull-ups are a good example; they don’t require weights, just the movement of your own body for muscle strength. Just make sure you know the right technique by following instructions like

Of course, good old yoga – which you can do anywhere you can find a square meter of space – can also help with toning and strength development. It’s a great distresser, too, which is what holidays are all about.

2. Movable Weights

If you want to add an extra punch to your routine, then retrain your brain on what it considers to be workout weights. You don’t need dumbbells; you need something solid and easy to lift. Tins are a great option you can buy anywhere in the world, or a simple bottle of water will suffice.

3. Never Take The Easy Route

The most basic way of keeping your fitness burning while traveling is to make life hard for yourself. Okay, so that doesn’t sound that desirable at first mention – but fitness is rarely about shortcuts!

One simple change to make is to always carry your luggage rather than relying on wheels. With every step you take, your muscles will be burning and building. Extend the principle to your hotel; take the stairs rather than the lift. When out and about, eschew the cable car and take a walk up the side of the mountain. This, in any case, will give you a chance to see your destination in the most wonderful way possible.

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