How Decluttering Your Home Can Help You Relieve Stress?

17th November 2020

Did you know 1 in 4 Americans admits to collecting clutter? More importantly, 1 out of 6 Americans suffers from anxiety, according to an article by The Time. Even though stress might be caused by many issues, hoarding and cluttering will not help you feel more at ease. And don’t get us wrong, we all like to treat ourselves to the half-off deal or the glass statue of a peacock that we somehow decided we can’t live without. But as researchers found out, there is a correlation between clutter and stress, so maybe, after all, you’re paying the full price of that half off vase with your stress?

But is getting those items, only for them to spend a decade or two staring at you from your dining room table even worth it? The answer to this question remains unclear.

According to the experts at, clutter is one of the major reasons why we may feel overwhelmed and anxious, and leaving it to deal with it later only has a negative impact on our well-being. The most common stress-inducing aspects which result from the hoarding of items are as follows:


A 2 for the price of 1 deal might sound like a bargain; however, those are marketing tactics companies use to make you spend more, and do you really need that extra pair of sweatpants when you know your closet door is barely closing at this point?

Those impulse purchases might not seem like a whole lot of money, but when you start adding them up, you’ll soon realize how much money you could be saving if it wasn’t for that ‘one’ deal you just couldn’t pass upon. This type of cluttering will soon add up, and the overwhelming expenses will make you realize that maybe it’s your spending habits that manifest the extra stress in your life.


Did you know, according to the LA Times, the average American has 300,000 items in their home? No, we didn’t mistakenly add an extra zero; now consider how many of those things you actually use daily? You might have lots of straws and books, but do you actually need them all? All those items are only cluttering your home, and their amount can be overwhelming. The extensive number of items we own can account for the increasing levels of stress, and we doubt anxiety is on anyone’s next shopping list.


Let’s be honest here, that sweater looked great on the sales rack, but does it look equally great thrown among hundreds of other things on your bedroom floor? The visual aspect of cluttering will make you realize just how many items you have been purchasing and may cause you a great deal of anxiety only by looking at it. There is such a word as ‘excess,’ and when it’s displayed on your floor, it could make your anxiety more intense than the joy rush you have experienced while purchasing the item. If you are worried that you might burn your hand while reaching a hard to reach place, you could check out a list of the best infrared thermometers available to buy here.

How Do I Declutter My Life?

When you continuously collect clutter, it’s not only the tangible items but also your mental state that are behind a mess in your life! Let us give you some tips that will help you attain peace of mind while in your decluttered room.

Start by decluttering a small space, a small room, or maybe even start with some kitchen drawers. You’ll see that after you declutter small spaces in your home, you will feel much more at ease. The visually superior look of clean, organized drawers is much less stress-inducing, isn’t it?

By decluttering the hidden spaces, you’re getting rid of the biggest part of the problem, as we usually accumulate clutter in spaces we might want to omit, thinking the problem will pass if we simply don’t see it (heads up, it doesn’t).

Dedicate a day, or even a couple of hours to focus on the areas which need it most – get some sweatpants on, bring a few boxes, and start organizing. You’ll soon find out just how fast it goes when you start straight away!


Let’s be honest here; we all struggle with a hoarding problem. It could be a collection of the travel magnets on your fridge that reminds you of that credit card bill for the Athens trip you took back in 2008, but it might be a closet that, even after several extensions, still won’t close. However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Get those trash bags, donation boxes, and racks for the items you actually use, and start off slowly but steadily. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to declutter a specific area of your home; remember that those 20 minutes will have a positive impact on your mental health? You will see how much peace of mind decluttering your home will actually provide to your inner self.

In the end, aren’t SPA salons so relaxing because of the oasis of beauty they provide? Why not give yourself the oasis of peace at home by simply getting rid of stuff that you don’t need? We guarantee, waking up in a clutterless bed is better than any massage you will get!

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