How do You Find a Friend You Lost Contact With?

1st March 2021

Many of us have found ourselves longing to rekindle an old friendship. It’s easy to find a lost friend if you follow the steps we’re about to outline. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve chosen to search for people online to catch up on old times, to look for networking and connection opportunities through someone, or simply to make new memories.

Collect Information

Having their current name, including their middle name, is the obvious first step. This is important particularly for common names, which can yield a huge number of often incorrect matches. You’d be surprised that names can change quickly and inexplicably regardless of your subject’s gender. Not all databases have maiden names, for example.

Recall as Many Personal Details as Possible

The more details you can remember about them, the better. Admittedly, this won’t be easy if decades have passed since you last saw each other, so if you can’t remember much, try to get this information another way. You could ask any mutual friends or acquaintances you’re still in touch with. The more details you have, the easier your friend will be to find.

How you met them is important: for example, in the army, from work, or from school. Try to remember what their job or profession was. It should be easy if you knew them from work.

If you know relatives of theirs, you might be able to connect through them. It might also be possible to get information about their whereabouts through a friend of theirs.

Try a Phone Reverse Service

If you have a phone number they used to have, try one of these services to see if that number might still be theirs. It might not work, but if it does, it’ll save you tons of time searching.

Free Records Search

You can use BRBpub to search public directories for free. Hopefully, you’ll be able to remember their last location. This is what you should start with. Having a specific place to begin your search will help narrow it down. You’ll get even farther if you can link a school they went to, a job, or any type of organization they were in or associated with.

Search Engines

Armed with all of this information, you can now take your efforts to Google and any other search engine. Type in their full name, city, and state. Add any other details you have, like the school or church they went to. Even if you don’t get any information as to what they’re doing now, you might retrieve some leads for persons to get in touch with. They might know more.

You can try the Metacrawler White page if you suspect in which town they’re currently living. This search engine combines a search of the white pages, the yellow pages, and Google to get information and might yield an address or phone number.

College, occupation, and marital status will all help you locate your friend. The search shouldn’t cost you anything but time, considering how many free search engines are out there.

Use a Background Check Service

These services can comb millions of public records at the speed of light. You can get almost anyone’s personal details using them. Background check reports cover not only someone’s full name but also address history, social media accounts, phone number, and email address. Basically, that’s more than enough to be able to get in touch with your long lost friend.

Most background check sites will search for names, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers for free. These search options are quite basic. A reverse email address search can help you get someone’s current contact info even if the email is very old. If you have their number, you can get their social media and email address using it. This is possible through reverse phone lookup. It’s also a great option if you feel awkward calling after so long.

You might have an old address. Enter it in the site’s search bar, and you might get their current information even if they moved years ago.

As you can see, getting in touch with an old friend doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

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