How Heston Blumenthal is Slowly Taking Over the World

17th December 2015

Heston Blumental has always gone against the grain: throwing caution to the wind and attempting to master certain niches or culinary arts that the average chef wouldn’t dare attempt seems to have been his forte for many years now. And for Blumenthal, the absurd is merely a new challenge for him, which in turn has heightened his appeal in the world of cooking.

After successfully launching his show on Channel 4 in the UK, In Search of Perfection became an instant hit among its television audience. The show was that successful that himself, executive chef Ashley Palmer-Watts and another acclaimed chef, Julian O’Neill decided they wanted to venture into an unchartered territory with their next restaurant venture.

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In the middle of 2014, the trio decided they would launch a new restaurant entitled ‘The Perfectionists’ Café’ in the heart of Heathrow Airport in the UK. The airport industry is renowned for providing substandard restaurants and food options for customers, so Blumenthal felt that this fledgling market could prove to be profitable in the long run.

The restaurant opened in November 2014 and has proved to be a success thus far. Selling what Parking4Less describe in their blog post ‘Heathrow In Search of Perfection’ as “quintessential British food,” it’s raising the bar when it comes to traditional British food. On the menu customers are encouraged to try their authentic English breakfast, fish and chips and roast chicken dinners all with Blumenthal’s eccentricity at the forefront of all the dishes. There’s also a nitro ice-cream parlour that has received rave reviews by the mainstream media.

But in typical Blumenthal fashion, he didn’t just stop there last year. Instead of settling for opening the Perfectionists’ Café, he began to roll out his bespoke onboard picnics to passengers flying in and out of Heathrow. Available for an affordable rate, he aims to move away from the awful airplane food we have all come accustomed to, offering a fine dining element to flying economy.

Is Blumenthal slowly taking over the world? Who knows but in launching a restaurant in a world-renowned airport, he has joined the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver as celebrity chefs who are looking to revolutionize the way we are served food at airports and on planes.

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