How I take care of my health as a woman?

Women tend to care more about the health of their family members than their own, so they become interested in the prevention of diseases later than it is recommended, specialists note. According to them, this is one of the main reasons why the most common diseases in women, such as breast and cervical cancer, are diagnosed too late. In this article, we encourage women to start taking care of their health as early as possible.

Short review of women‘s health

A woman suffers from many chronic and acute problems related to age, lifestyle, professional activity, and gender. At an older age, women suffer from oncological and cardiovascular diseases, while younger people are affected by various infections, and gynecological diseases, as well as frequent mood disorders, tension, and depression. So, the main question is how to take care of your health as a woman.

Physical activity and proper nutrition

Nutrition and sports are inseparable from a woman’s well-being, appearance, and mood. We all want to look and feel good, so it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet and be active every day. We, women, have to love ourselves and our bodies.

When you are changing your diet, give up cow’s milk, goat’s milk, added sugar, white flour, white bread, most sweets, and alcohol. Your diet should be dominated by meat, fish, various kinds of cereals, nuts, fruits, vegetables, dark whole-grain bread, and eggs. For snacks, choose nuts, fruits, yogurt with berries or granola, and corn chips with nut butter.

According to specialists, active activities have a positive effect on our mood and reduce stress. Women who gain weight feel happier, gain more strength, and think positively. Therefore, any physical activity helps you to relax, trust your strength and be more motivated.

Visits to the doctors

Preventive programs are extremely important here – cervical oncocytologic investigation and breast examination. It is important for younger women to periodically self-examine their breasts and, if there is even the slightest suspicion, seek medical attention. In addition, every woman who lives an active sexual life must visit a gynecologist at least once every six months, because even the beginning of a serious disease often does not show any symptoms. For example, a woman may not feel anything when suffering from ovarian or cervical cancer. However, often our women, taking care of everyone around them, forget themselves, don’t find the time, or simply don’t pay enough attention to themselves.

Planning your pregnancy

Planning for children and proper preparation for pregnancy can help couples who dream of having children get pregnant faster and feel more relaxed and calmer. True, we should not forget that the daily habits of women are important for this. Experts say that planning should include a responsible stage of preparation and it is worth starting to think about it in advance.

5 important preparation steps:

1. When planning for children, it is important in advance for women to avoid harmful habits – smoking (not only active but also passive), alcohol consumption, reducing the amount of caffeine, as well as paying more attention to wholesome nutrition, eating well-heated food, especially good food.

2. Expectant women are recommended to take time for physical activity, but if you have not exercised intensively before then, it is better not to overdo it even in the preparation process for pregnancy. Before getting pregnant, women should pay attention to their weight, often thin women have difficulty conceiving because they may not ovulate during their cycle. On the other hand, being overweight and obese can unbalance hormones in the body.

3. It is recommended that women start taking vitamins with folic acid before trying to conceive.

4. Before starting to try to conceive, it is recommended to use the period tracker. A period tracker can help to get pregnant faster and more successfully.

5. It is also very important for couples planning pregnancy to take care of themselves, it is recommended to avoid pregnancy during acute illnesses. Before becoming pregnant, it is recommended to consult a doctor. It is useful to see a gynecologist, or even a dentist, for a health check-up.

The importance of mental health

According to statistics, women suffer more from depression than men. It turns out that female physiology has a great influence. Depression is caused by metabolic features. Women experience hormonal fluctuations much more often than men, which affects the functions of the entire body and mental health, which is why women are more likely to suffer from depression.

Don‘t forget postpartum depression too. Postpartum depression often appears after a woman has already returned home after childbirth and is often not recognized by the woman herself or their relatives, so professional help is not seen in time.

We should take care of a woman and their mental health because we have to make sure that both mothers and babies are safe. It is a mistake to think that postpartum depression will go away on its own. It is important to spread the word so that we will all know how to recognize this condition, where to seek help, and how to treat it. This is a question of the well-being of the whole family.

The bottom line

Health is the most precious asset we have and should be nurtured in every possible way. All women should take preventive care of their health. Take care of your physical and mental health. It is also recommended to regularly visit doctors and plan big life events, for instance, pregnancy.