How To Create An Artistic Instagram Feed

4th August 2020

While scrolling through an Instagram feed, what catches your attention are feeds that are informative, beautiful, and aesthetically appealing. If you’re creating your own Instagram feed, you want to make sure that you’re creating a lasting impression that can get your viewers to click the follow button.

To create an artistic Instagram feed, you’ll need amazing photos that tell a story and leave an unforgettable impression. However, creating an artistic feed isn’t easy. From the photos, to the layout and color combinations or using the right design elements, there’s a lot that goes into creating a phenomenal feed. Below are a few tips to help you create an artistic Instagram feed.

Take Beautiful Photos For Your Feed

Being a visual platform, the key element of any Instagram feed is the image. To capture a good Instagram photo, start with setting up your phone. If you’re shooting in bright natural light, it’s a good idea to underexpose your shot since overexposure to light can lead to unnaturally highlighted areas. To keep your shot simple, turn off the HDR as it makes the image look unnatural and over defined.

A beautiful Instagram shot will have the perfect composition and lighting. A good composition perfectly brings out the emotion or the moment captured. Timing is another crucial aspect to consider. For instance, shooting at the golden hour can give mind blowing results. Visit this page to learn more about the best time to capture outdoor photos. Finally, to make your photo stand out, add the final touches by using editing apps like Snapseed.

Get The Layout Right

Start out by choosing a grid layout. Instagram layout grids represent your profile and give an idea of your aesthetic sensibility. A well curated Instagram grid is crucial for creating a great first impression on viewers. To create a seamless grid layout, plan your feed as a whole so that there is a consistent flow between the posts.

Choose a color palette that works well with your art or brand and stick to it. High-quality images, photo consistency, and filter consistency can make your profile stand out. To make your layout resemble an art gallery, choose a layout that complements your design sensibility. Here are some examples to try out:

– A chess layout has two styles of posts that complement each other. It’s easy to plan because the photos stand out individually but also work together as a whole. However, this will only work well as a whole if your posts have consistency.

– A rainbow layout is another option if you don’t want a single-color palette. Here, the colors change naturally as you scroll down. This layout works well only if you’ve planned your posts well and color-coordinated them.

Choose A Theme That Complements Your Aesthetics

While a good quality image and a well-thought out layout grid are essential to create an artistic feed, it’s equally important to choose a theme that reflects your artistic expression. When choosing a theme, ensure that it aligns with your brand and highlights your values. Choose a theme that reflects your vibe. Remember, your Instagram theme is your visual personality.

Here are some examples:

– If you’re an influencer for vintage collectibles, the vintage theme will work well for you.

– The black and white theme is usually used for architecture pictures or for portraits as it highlights the details.

– An illustration theme is a fun and creative option for graphic designers.

Add View Worthy Hashtags To Your Feed

Well thought out hashtags for your feed can get you more views. A highly engaging post appears in the top images when the hashtag you’ve used is searched. Using an appropriate hashtag can get your post featured in searches for similar posts.

Create a hashtag that tells a story or sets a mood that is complementary to your Instagram feed. Trending hashtags can be used creatively for visibility.

Personalize Your Feed

One of the best ways to engage your viewers is to give them glimpses of your works in progress or a peek into your personal life. Incorporating fun videos is a good way to personalize your feed. Making time lapse videos of you creating a piece of art or of a location you visited can help you engage your viewers.

Posting before-and-after pictures of your works is also a good idea. Adding descriptions to your post, which express the emotion or mood behind it, is a great way to leave a personal touch to your feed.

Touch Up Your Feed

You can add an eclectic and personal touch to your posts by drawing on them or adding extra filters likes sparkles or brush strokes. Adding these small design elements to your feed makes it unique and more creative. However, ensure that it also complements your style and aesthetics.

Here are some other tips that you can try out:

– Re-arrange the order of your posts to make them flow seamlessly. You can try this by re-arranging your feeds till you find a sense of synergy.

– Color co-ordinate your feeds by picking a few colors you always use in your photos.

– Use good quality photos that are engaging. Make sure the backgrounds of the images are clean. A cluttered background often distracts the attention from the subject.

– Have fun while creating your feed. Your feed is your creative expression, make it real.


To create an artistic and engaging Instagram feed, its essential to ensure that the images for your feed are of good quality. The layout grid for your feed should be well thought out so that it seamlessly works as a whole. While it’s important to have consistency in the color palette, style and theme for your feed, you can give your Instagram feeds an artistic touch by adding personalized videos, extra filters or using creative hashtags.

For creating an artistic Instagram feed, opt for a fun, unexpected, or colorful layout grid. If you have a strong aesthetic sense, you can mix and match different elements, but ensure that there’s an overall balance to your feed. Finally, create a feed that appeals to you and helps you fuel your artistic expression.

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