How To Get Real About Your Wanderlust

17th July 2018

“Travel is good for the soul.” You’ve heard that before. Usually from someone who joyfully sharing their travel adventures.

Imagine if you could do the same! Instead of listening to someone describe the delicious Chiang Mai vegan food they enjoyed in Thailand, you could go there and taste it for yourself. Instead of hoping your predictable life could be a little more exciting, shapeshift from Walter Mitty to Indiana Jones.

If the idea of traveling excites you, it get’s even better when you share your travels with others. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can document your experience, so others can travel with you in spirit.

Take Good Photographs

It’s one thing to stumble upon a beautiful scene, an interesting person, or a wonderful event, it’s another to freeze it in time for others to enjoy, too. The magic of photography captures time and place. And you, as a photographer, are the magician who makes it happen.

So how do you learn to take good photographs?

You could scan blog posts, read books, or talk to friends who are photographers. But, you’ll probably learn faster and more comprehensively if you take a class in photography.
While guides for understanding ISO Camera settings and other important aspects of photography exist, you might consider taking a class as well. An experienced instructor explains how understanding the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor can open up a whole realm of creative possibilities. You’ll come to appreciate the role that light plays in a scene when you’re taking photographs.

Keep a Paper Journal

Journaling adds even more depth to your travel experiences. While photography will help you capture the moment, journaling will help you reflect on it.

Just write about what you do every day when you travel. Describe the historic statue in a Bolivian town’s main square and sketch a brief description of the hero. Write about the sense of awe you experienced when you first stepped into a Gothic Cathedral in France. Elaborate on the fresh taste of mango sprinkled with chili powder purchased from a food vendor cart in Goa.

Start a Blog

What should you do with your journal entries?

Share the best ones on your blog.

You may have to translate your somewhat cryptic journal notes into language that anyone can understand, but that’s the fun of writing a blog post. By translating what you know into a description that anyone can understand, you’ll deepen your experience. Explaining something helps you understand it better yourself.

Start a blog to attract your audience, to establish your authority as a globe-trotter, and to build rapport with others also fascinated by the notion of nurturing their soul through travel. Who knows what new opportunities will open up for you. And, once you monetize your blog, it will also become a stream of passive income.

Tell your story. People want to hear it.

Write for Travel Magazines

While it’s more than enough to establish your reputation as a travel blogger, you can take your newly discovered writing skills even further. How?

Write for travel magazines.

This is yet another way to monetize your travel, and, perhaps, even get someone else to sponsor a few trips. You’ll also develop industry contacts in the travel industry and hobnob with seasoned writers and veteran editors.

There has never been a better opportunity for freelancers to write for travel writers. After the financial crisis in 2007-2008, many prestigious travel magazines that stayed in business had to slim down their staff. Magazines are increasingly in need of fresh talent since they only have a skeleton staff to run the magazine. You could be the “boots on the ground” weary managing editors are looking for.

Travel Somewhere

In conclusion, travel. Go to interesting places, meet fascinating people, and embark on a life of adventures. Sharing your trips with others will deepen your pleasure and provide your global readership with a vicarious thrill, too.

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