How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Joe That’ll Spice Up Your Mornings

Coffee lovers have this amazing caffeine addiction that gets satisfied when they wake up because they know a cup of coffee awaits them. There is no argument about how much people love coffee. It’s only popular and known as the second most valuable commodity in the world with countless numbers of cups being consumed every year.


Apart from its enticing and soothing taste, it gives energy alongside other health benefits too. The coffee beverage hits differently during winter providing that little warmth and comfort that is very much needed to pull through one of those cold days.

However, continuously taking the same kind of coffee each morning can make your favourite beverage boring real quick. It’s up to you to figure out news to spice up your coffee as often as you can to keep the taste fresh and delightful. This applies to people who personally brew their coffee rather than going to a coffee shop. If you’ve been looking for ways to spice up your coffee, this article was specially written for you. Here are fun options to make the perfect cup of Joe.

Change Your Coffee Beans

Changing the bean you use to brew coffee is one of the best and simple ways to spice up your coffee and change how it tastes. There are different types of coffee beans available on the market with each one having its own special taste and flavour. Trying out new flavours regularly can get things interesting for you again and make you look forward to your morning rituals again.

Wondering where you might get new beans to brew? Go to your local coffee shop, ask your friends for recommendations, or check online. Be open to trying out new coffee beans, you might just find your next favourite one. You may not end up liking all of what you tried but it would certainly be an interesting experience.

Don’t Use An Old Equipment

It might be impossible to make the perfect cup of joe when your coffee maker is damaged or old. Get a new one if repairing it isn’t an option. When you notice your beans are great, water is filtered and well heated, and the machine is properly cleaned; but the coffee doesn’t come out as expected so you might need to change the equipment. You can get a Chemex coffee maker to replace the old one, it’s a popular brand that has been around for a long time. Your coffee may just need a new coffee maker to taste perfect again.

Add Butter

Consider adding butter to your coffee if a creamy beverage with a distinct flavour is what you prefer. You might not be familiar with this act, but it has been becoming really popular in recent times for some good reasons. Apart from its great taste, adding butter to your coffee helps with your body’s metabolism, increases energy, and supplies healthy fat that enhances your body’s functions.

Not every butter can be used or provide the benefits associated; grass-fed butter is considered a very good option if you can lay your hands on it. It’s also best to use it in moderate proportions. You risk making the coffee unhealthy or ruining its flavour when excess butter is added. Just some butter in a little proportion will do and you can also add little coconut oil to give it a good blend.

Include Spices In Your Grounds

coffee beans

This addition might turn out to be one of your favorite little tidbits. You know what? It’s really simple. You can get that wonderful taste you want by adding a small measure of spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg) into your choice coffee bean before you brew. The resulting taste is just amazing for an early morning cup of coffee.

While these spices may be stronger than your coffee’s natural flavor, the rest can produce a very nice blend. However, it would be better if you infuse just a little bit to know what it tastes like before you add it to the whole pot of coffee.

Blend In Protein Powder

This is the perfect and of course, a tasty way to add protein to your cup of joe. Simply blend the protein powder directly into your cup and have it taste like a latte. Vanilla protein or chocolate are great choices you can use.

If you want something that’s simply awesome, consider mixing the last three tips together. You’d be amazed by the unique combination of flavour and nutrition packed in a cup of coffee goodness. You can be sure your next cup of coffee would excite your morning if the tips listed here are used.