How to Pack for Long-Term Travel

1st December 2018

When you’re preparing for a long-term trip, whether you’re heading off around the globe or across the country, you need to do your best to prepare. Some might spend months and months planning and researching while others stuff whatever they can find into a bag on their way out the door. When it comes to packing, you need to find that perfect balance. However, this balance isn’t the same for everyone.

Whatever you bring on this trip is what you’ll have as a foundation for the next few weeks or even months. You want to make sure you don’t go overboard, but you also need to be prepared for anything. So many travelers both new and experienced run into issues when it comes to keeping your long-term suitcase or backpack under control. This guide will share some of the best tips so you never get caught off guard.

Deciding on Luggage

First thing’s first, you need somewhere to pack everything you plan to bring. Choosing luggage is an art form, and it mainly depends on your travel plans. Are you staying put in your destination? If so, you can get away with bulkier luggage like rolling duffel bags or one of these baggallini’s travel bags for women. On the other hand, if you’re planning to be a nomad going from place to place, you need to choose something that’s easy to carry.

If you’re planning on bringing your car to your destination, you’ll need help from a professional like Executive Auto Shippers. The most important thing is to make sure the luggage you choose is reasonable. If you’re traveling alone, there’s nothing worse than trying to juggle several bags at the airport and beyond. However, if you’re traveling in an organized group or program, there might be more room for flexibility.

Researching Your Destination

The first step after you’ve decided on luggage is researching what you’ll need specifically at your destination. What you use at home isn’t necessarily going to be of the most useful to you when you’re somewhere new. Here are some questions to ask to guide your search.


  • What’s the weather? Of course, the first big question is the weather of where you’re traveling. If you’re going to the north, you’ll want to bring winter gear. If you’re heading into the jungle, you might need a rain jacket. Figure out what the common wardrobe is like where you’re going and start your packing around this.



  • What is the electronic voltage? Many parts of the world will use different power outlets and may require a voltage converter. It’s easy to figure out what you’ll need with a simple search into the electronic outlets of every country.



  • How secure do you need your valuables to be? Let’s face it: some parts of the world are safer than others. No matter where you go, safety and security should be a top priority. Will you have access to a locker, private room, or any other safety features. If so, you might need to bring your own cable lock and security wire or other gear.



  • What can’t you find? Finally, ask yourself what you’re able to purchase easily in your destination. In most parts of the world, it’s easy to find necessary toiletries, for example, so you might want to skip taking up room in your luggage for these extras.

When Packing, Less is More

When in doubt, do your best to bring less. It’s easy to think you need to bring a big chunk of your wardrobe and your favorite electronics, but much of this will become deadweight when you’re in your destination. Do your best to be realistic with what you do and don’t need.

Remember, regardless of your destination, you can likely find any necessities when you arrive. Don’t worry yourself silly over bringing an extra sweater if it’s easy to pick one up at a local shop. You’ll need to save room for anything you find along the way or souvenirs.

Making the most of your packing while traveling isn’t always easy. It takes some experience to decide what you really need and what you don’t. Allow yourself the room to be flexible, and don’t be afraid to bring less than you think you need.

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