Introducing FlightHub: The Easy Way to Book Flights

3rd April 2017

There are numerous handy apps available today, making life a lot more convenient for smartphone users all over the world. Many travelers already use a selection of apps to assist with travel-making plans. Have you tried FlightHub yet?

FlightHub is a super easy way to book flights. You can find deals, compare fares and more, right at your fingertips.

Easy Flight Comparison in the Palm of Your Hand

You don’t need to rely on comparison websites or checking for the best deals with several carriers when you can easily compare flight dates and routes with FlightHub. Instead of just checking multi-leg journeys with one airline, FlightHub will give you suggestions of how to get from A to B using a combination of airlines. This can help you to save money and, in some cases, can open up dates that otherwise would not have been possible. You can check for last-minute deals or make reservations well in advance of your travel dates.

Availability of Special Discounts and Promotions

FlightHub negotiates deals with airlines, offering customers better deals than they could score on their own. This means that sometimes, the rates you see on FlightHub are cheaper than if you booked directly with the particular airline(s). Deals are updated every day, meaning that you don’t need to worry about missing out when you book.

Extra Loyalty Privileges

The more you book with FlightHub, the more benefits you can take advantage of. It’s an especially great way to book flights if you are a regular flyer; you can not only always get the best rates, but these rates may be further discounted as a thank you for your loyalty! It’s a win-win situation.

Customizable Booking Options

Have you ever tried to book a flight through a third party and found that it’s a major hassle to customize your requirements? For example, if you want to pre-order an in-flight vegan meal or a meal suitable for other dietary requirements. Perhaps you wish to book a seat with extra legroom or add a checked baggage allowance to your ticket. Often, you can find the flight through an app or comparison website, but you then need to tailor your requirements and complete the booking elsewhere. FlightHub is a hassle-free way to book flights that meet your criteria; you can personalize your booking and complete the reservation through the app.

Immediate Booking Confirmation

You don’t need to hang around waiting for your flight tickets to be confirmed; FlightHub confirms your booking within a few minutes of you finalizing your plans. This can be a major relief if you’re booking a last-minute flight.

Additional Services Offered by FlightHub

As well as being able to find terrific deals on flights, FlightHub also allows you to easily search for accommodation and car rentals for your specified dates. You can conveniently take care of all your travel plans through one handy app. Letting you save money on your travels, make hassle-free plans and do everything at once, what could be better?

Sustainable Working Practices

More and more travelers are waking up to the fact that travel should be as sustainable as possible and that travelers should seek to leave little as little imprint as possible on the environment and communities. As well as looking at their own ways of traveling and the products that they use when on the road, a lot of people look at the services they use, ensuring that they too follow sustainable practices. FlightHub offers several green initiatives to its team members, thus providing benefits to its staff that also benefit the environment. This green-friendly approach can be appealing to many travelers.

A great way to book flights, save money and more, don’t forget to check out the FlightHub app when planning your next trip.

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