Is Smoking Vegan? Here’s What You Need to Know

Becoming vegan is not limited to changing your diet. Sentient Media notes that veganism is a whole lifestyle. It means abstaining from products or processes that exploit another living being. As such, apart from only consuming vegan food products, you also need to assess your lifestyle habits and determine if they abide by this standard.

In this article, we’ll discuss one habit that confuses many people about whether it is vegan or not: smoking. If you’re a vegan who smokes or a smoker interested in veganism, keep reading to find out.

Is smoking vegan?

Simply put, smoking is not vegan. Cigarettes contain animal-derived products, including beeswax and castoreum. Just as it’s discussed in our article ‘Is Honey Vegan? Everything You Need to Know’, any product that disturbs bees is not vegan. Collecting beeswax involves bees’ exposure to pesticides and poor nutrition. Many vegans also reject using beeswax due to its harmful collection method.

Meanwhile, castoreum is made from a substance sourced from a beaver’s genital area. It cannot be harvested from living beavers, so they’re killed before the castoreum can be created. Ultimately, this makes cigarette smoking non-vegan.

Is vaping vegan?

Vaping is the use of an electronic cigarette that produces vapor for inhalation. It mimics the feeling of smoking, which is why many turn to this alternative. The liquid used in vapes—called e-liquid—makes it possible to create vapor that the user inhales for a similarly soothing sensation. However, vaping is not vegan either.

E-liquids contain castoreum to produce different flavors, like strawberry and vanilla. Also, some e-liquids are tested on animals before they reach the market. Given these, committing to veganism means rejecting vaping.

Luckily, there are some vegan-friendly options available to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

What vegan alternatives can I use?

Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches contain plant-based fibers, nicotine, flavorings, and sweeteners. Because these ingredients are derived from plants, these products are considered vegan. You use nicotine pouches by placing them between your lip and gums, allowing the nicotine to be absorbed orally. When you’re done, you can dispose of these in the trash.

The nicotine pouches on Prilla come in several different flavors and strengths to suit your personal preference. Some nicotine pouches contain between 2mg to 12mg of nicotine. This way, you can gradually lower your intake so as not to shock your body and cause a relapse. Flavors like cinnamon, citrus, and spearmint are also available on the market. All in all, nicotine pouches can create a pleasant vegan experience.

Nicotine gum

Nicotine gum contains sugar, nicotine, liquid glucose, and glycerin. The majority of these are sugar products, which are derived from plants. Therefore, nicotine gum is vegan. Consume this by biting on the gum slowly until a tingling sensation occurs. Then, park the gum in your inner cheek and let its effects last for half an hour before throwing them away.

The Lucy nicotine gum is designed for optimal taste and texture for a satisfying mouthfeel. There are also flavors like mango, espresso, and wintergreen to choose from. Strengths ranging from 2mg to 6mg are available depending on nicotine consumption. This is suitable for vegans who want to stop smoking while using a product they’re familiar with—gum.

To truly go vegan, there are certain lifestyle changes that must be made to ensure that you’re not using products that harm animals. By quitting smoking and using nicotine alternatives instead, you’re making a crucial pro-vegan decision. If you liked this article, check out our other pieces at Mostly Amélie.