Berlin Sex Club: My Kitkat Experience

I remember being at my Couchsurfing host Laura in Milan in preparation for my arrival to Berlin, about six years ago. She lived between the two cities, spent a lot of her weekends in Berlin, and kept yapping on about how free-spirited Berlin was. Specifically, she mentioned several times how wonderful it was that people were just strutting totally nude in Berlin sex clubs such as Berghain (an abandoned power plant turned into the most famous techno club, AKA the church of techno) and Kitkat Berlin, getting it on in public in central Berlin as casually as you’d sip a beer on a rocking chair on the porch of the Marina back where I’m from.

sex club berlin

I remember thinking she was either completely off her rocker, or something decidedly weird or wrong was going down in Berlin.

I remember thinking that. That was cute.

Fast-forward five years, and find me half-naked in a Berlin sex club.

Oh, Berlin.

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin. A great place to come indeed…

So where to start. Maybe with the fact that I am excessively prude, despite what the people in my social circle would say of me right now. I really am! But there is this very healthy approach to nudity in Germany that’s been captivating me since day one. And Berlin has loosened me up, in all the best possible ways.

If you’re just passing through Germany’s capital and are curious about the club scene, you’ve come to the right place. Berlin is regarded as the party capital of Europe and there is even a club commission and people like Lutz Leichsenring to literally fight for our right to paaaaarty and make sure the city’s nightlife is alive and well and the best place for all old and young people to enjoy together. So come to club nights with an open mind, there is so much to explore in Berlin outside of the mainstream clubs.

I haven’t visited that many sex clubs in Berlin or plain Berlin clubs for that matter, but outside of Kitkat, there is, of course, one of the most famous clubs — Berghain, with its legendary doorman Sven Marquardt and its wonderful Panorama bar, some more obscure sex parties like House of Red Doors (follow Bad Bruises on Instagram and Kater Blau which is a lot tamer. The city’s nightlife and the best clubs come alive very late in Berlin but it is so much fun I promise — so have an afternoon nap, drink a Redbull, or, ya know, do what it is you gotta do in order to stay up late for the Berlin nightclub.

My friends, please come to the dark side. Elon Musk, please go to bed. I hope it’s Friday night? Saturday night will also do. You’ve come to the right place. Grab your fetish wear (some recommendations below) and why not maybe some body paint, and get ready for a good time. Many clubs in Berlin are regarded as cultural institutions, so you’re not just (potentially) having casual sex, you are doing something a little bit cultural! I’m really not a techno fan, but for me anything that has to do with cultural resurgence after the fall of the Berlin wall is absolutely fascinating and worth seeing.

No matter your sexual orientation, the club culture in Berlin is a safe space and open environment for all to be free and enjoy hedonism. Kitkat is not a gay sex club per se, but really anything goes here. Every second Friday is Revolver, where Kit Kat becomes a gay club for a night, an especially good time for my gay men friends ou there. Do check out their special events Electric Monday or Carneball Bizarre parties too! And let me know if you have more gay bar recommendations.

So what’s the deal with KitKat Berlin and the sex club Berlin scene?

It all started as a bit of a joke when I was trying to convince myself that going to a spa completely nude with a group of friends was no biggie. In the German capital, it’s considered unhygienic to use the spa facilities with a swimsuit on, so everyone’s in the buff. So I guess it’s the spa culture that pulled me into this investigation of public nudity, and along came the important role of the FKK movement (Freikörperkultur, or “free body culture”, in English). I can’t quite pinpoint when I got completely sucked into the Berlin sex culture and decided I wanted to know more and free my own body. But I did and, as it’d been the case with several aspects of my life since becoming single, I also wanted to test my own boundaries, do the sex club Berlin thing, and so this Kitkat Berlin review was born.

Was I naive before or has Berlin turned me into a pervert? There’s a bit of truth in both, I suppose.

First time? Here for the KitKat Club dress code? Read on!

In the grander scheme of Kit Kat Berlin or any sex clubs Berlin stories though, my experience was pretty tame. I went with a girlfriend, danced the night away, watched all the beautiful people strut their stuff and more, and got home by 7am, which is pretty early for a night out in Berlin if you ask me. What’s been more interesting was to observe the changes that have operated in me between being shell-shocked that such a thing would happen when I was back in Milan, and seeing it as an innocent night out with a pal a few years later. Sure, there were people having public sex around me, but to me, at that moment in time, it was just beautiful. My KitKat Berlin experience was beautiful. And I was beautiful. And everyone was beautiful.

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Planning to visit Kitkat Berlin or any Berlin Sex Clubs?

The kit Kat berlin dress code

berlin sex party

Wondering about the sex clubs in Berlin dress code and just how much of a strict dress code it is? While there aren’t any strict dress codes, be aware that the less you wear the better when doing the sex club Berlin thing (and also the better the chances of getting into any great club that has fetish parties)! It is a Berlin sex party after all! I visited Kitkat Club wearing these latex hotpants and a see-through bralette and felt overdress. So I got one of these little numbers for my next Kit Kat club outfit! If you have time and you’re in Berlin, you can also visit Maskworld, SuperschlĂŒpfer, and Swartzer Reiter for a Kitkat Berlin outfit and all sorts of kinky things. And that goes for both men and women. Kit Kat Club dress code is chill, but just don’t wear too much – especially if you’re a single man 😉

What about kitkatclub berlin outfits for men?

Ah yes, the male kit kat club what to wear conundrum. I receive a lot of messages from men who tell me they have no idea what to pick for a Kit Kat Club Sex outfit or ask me how to dress for KitKat berlin if you’re a dude. In doubt, keep it simple, and keep it black. You’ve probably noticed by now that Berlin’s official dress code is ALL BLACK EVERYTHING, so obviously the same goes for the Kitkat dress code. A simple pair of black shorts and a bare chest will do. I’m hoping you’re accompanied by a female, otherwise, chances of getting in are greatly reduced. It’s just… like that, I’m sorry boys. People in a large group will also struggle getting in, so do spread out. Beware that there can be long queues at peak times. Sometimes visiting on Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon can be the best thing. Get a good night rest, go get brunch, and then go to the fetish club 🙂 A very Berlin way to spend the weekend!

Just don’t stress out, wear as little as you’re comfortable with (but wear shoes, for goodness sake, ew!) and you’ll be fine. People are undressing at the cloakroom, so you can get a sense of what goes once you’re there too, and you can remove more or less once you’re there. Always a good idea to carry condoms and set up a meeting point with your friends — there are a lot of people!

What’s your Kit Kat Berlin dress code? I’m curious!

What’s going to happen once you’re in there?

Nothing you don’t want to happen! Kitkat Club Berlin has got to be the most consensual place I have ever visited. But before all that, if you’re anything like me, I was curious about the logistics of getting “undressed” once you arrive there and have passed the KitKat club berlin door policy test.

After being asked by the doorman if we were wearing anything a bit sexier under our woolly jumpers and both of us simultaneously flashing him, we followed everyone and disrobed, leaving everything in the free cloakroom.

KitKat dresscode unlocked, we are in!

Kitkatclub is super chill! The people are beautiful, there are loads of chilling, dancing, and cuddling areas, and some darker areas where naughtier stuff is happening, but really, it’s for you to decide what you do with your evening. With such a place comes a set of rules and I felt respected and comfortable to a point I never did in any other random bar.

There are several sizes of dance floor to pick from at KitKat with different styles of music (some great and not-so-great music in my opinion!), generally a main room, and some rooms dedicated to the sexy stuff (the dark room).

There’s nothing more you should specifically know about Kit Kat Club Berlin. I think it’s something that should be experienced if that’s what you’re into, not because that’s “the thing to do.” But if you love to feel free and liberated if you’re comfortable with nudity and with people screwing around you, if you’re kinky as I am and want to know more about Kitkat Berlin sex, if the idea of feeling like you’re in that scene from Super Troopers or in a Stanley Kubrick movie rocks your world as it did for me, then by all means go and visit a Berlin sex club and tick the damn Kit Kat Club Berlin Germany checkmark of your damn German list, kiddo. It may well be one of your best clubbing experiences. Go get it.

Have you been to Berlin sex clubs? How was your sex clubs Berlin experience? What is the best club, the best dark rooms?

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