What Should I Know About Visiting Prague?

5th July 2017

Regardless of where you are going in this busy world of ours, you’ll always find two things in common. For starters, every city is completely different than the one you just left. Secondly, every city is exactly like the one you just left.

Some streets are crowded with busy people trying to hurry throughout their day. Others seem as if they are visited by less than a handful of people every afternoon, like there isn’t a care on the horizon. Prague easily fits into this description.

If you are planning a trip to Prague, you will want to handle the usuals in advance. Research the attractions. Look for as many reviews as possible written from people who live in the part of the world as you.

While Prague is similar to all the other major cities throughout its region, it’s also completely different from anywhere else you have ever been. There are so many places to stay in Prague and beautiful sights to visit that you might have doubts on ever being able to return. Here are a couple of things about Prague you will need to keep in mind that you may have been unaware of:

A night on the town

First of all, contrary to what you may believe, spending three days in Prague is actually more than reasonable on the bank account compared to other tourist cities throughout Europe. You may be surprised at how affordable a night on the town is, compared to places like Paris, London, or Rome.

Regardless if you are eating a meal at one of the many local restaurants, sipping a drink at a popular club, or wandering the streets doing some late night shopping, you won’t need as much cash as you might think.

A city that serves

I have spent years traveling Europe and one thing all the major cities have in common is the ability locals have to spot a tourist a mile away. Because of this, I have experienced downright horrendous service in more than one country. It’s almost like they would rather display a sign saying “only nationals welcome.”

This simply isn’t the case in Prague. Waitresses, bartenders, and guides all seemed to appreciate the fact that tourism is a major contributor to the local economy. Even the locals who didn’t work in the service industry had no problem at all making a recommendation or pointing out directions.

Be ready to be amazed

Another huge difference between Prague and other major cities throughout Europe is the architecture. While Europe is well known for its breathtaking scenery unlike any other in the world, this city is different. Because of the fact that Prague received very minimal bombing during both the first and second World Wars, many of its buildings are centuries old. From the astronomical clock, the castle, the bridge, and many others, the city is rich with history in plain sight for the world to see.

One last thing you will need to know. The city of Prague is filled with some of the craziest drivers in the world. This will take some getting used to and you will be well advised to take a cab anywhere that is out of walking distance. Services like Book Taxi Prague will safely get you where you want to go without creating confusion or a need to rush.

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