The Low Down on Koh Phangan Yoga

4th December 2019

koh phangan yoga

It’s a shame that Koh Phangan has a rap to certain only for the Full Moon Party. People from all over the world flock to this pristine island to pretty much ruin it, ruin the peace, ruin the environment, and disrespect the locals. If you think I’m exaggerating, watch Trouble in paradise on Youtube. I first came to Koh Phangan five years ago not knowing what to expect, having only heard of the Full Moon Party via Alex Garland. I ended up falling hard for what would become “my special place”. I’ve since returned numerous times, mostly for two things: the vegan food and Koh Phangan Yoga.

What does Koh Phangan evoke to you? Party or nature? Do you know that over 50% of the island is a national park? If you’ve landed on this page, I assume you’re part of the “other siders”, the peace seekers who come to Koh Phangan for the alternative community, the wellness, and the yoga. And yes – the Koh Phangan Yoga scene is amazing and provides a sanctuary for yogis seeking a break from the “real” world. Or perhaps this is, in fact, the real world – I certainly believe so.

When it comes to doing yoga, Koh Phangan has a few too many options and it can be overwhelming. So I wanted to give you the full low down of Koh Phangan Yoga today to help you pick your Koh Phangan retreat. All yoga levels welcome, everywhere, always.

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Yoga Koh Phangan: Where to go

The Yoga Retreat

I’ve known The Yoga Retreat for their Ashtanga program, but they also offer Vinyasa, TTC, and detox programs. It’s a wonderfully secluded place, far away from everything (you might like to rent a scooter, which I always do when I’m in Koh Phangan anyway). Their retreats range from eight to 31 days and include chanting, meditation, the yoga of your choice, steam room, a wonderful, amazing, mouth-watering buffet, a/c room, multi-lingual staff, and outdoor showers. Their accommodation offers encouragement towards the simplicity of living in the midst of natural surroundings: open your heart and your window to the tropical weather and enjoy the sound of nature. For those who wish to delve deep in the tradition of yoga, the lovely folks at the Yoga Retreat really know their shit, and their Ashtanga. This is of course for all levels, but more advanced yoga will 100% not be let down.

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Pure Flow Koh Phangan Yoga

If you want to be reaaaaal secluded, in a place where you can only get to by boat and there are no cars, Pure Flow Yoga Koh Phangan is for you. Travelling with purpose might be hard to achieve in today’s travel industry but The Pure Flow Yoga Koh Phangan retreat definitely offers this. It is located in the most secluded place on earth. Pure Flow allows you to have seven or 14 days of an intimate and life-changing experience with yoga. The accommodation is surrounded by lush greeneries, decorated with simple Thai style, and jungle fauna. It also offers all the expected activities of a remote island — snorkelling, diving, hiking, kayaking, etc. While enjoying these outdoor activities and feel completely disconnected from the rest of the world, you still get to connect with the locals and experience a real, raw and genuine Koh Phangan Retreat.

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Wonderland Healing Center

wonderland healing center yoga

If jungle’s more your gig, this is a fab option. Wonderland Healing Center offers 4 days-long Koh Phangan retreats that’ll provide you with a wonderful plant-based experience and encourage a deeper connection, both to yourself and to nature. Along with yoga, meditation, fasting and detoxing, there’s also pilates, reiki, and sound healing. Wonderland Healing Center houses a private swimming pool, herbal steam sauna, and massage treatment areas. The spacious accommodation comes with beautiful garden and mountain views. A fantastic Koh Phangan Yoga option.

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Orion Healing Center

orion healing center

Its easy feeling relaxed at Orion Healing Center. With their 5 days, Tantra Yoga and Dance retreat right by beautiful Sri Thanu Beach, you can really let loose and be centered. This Koh Phangan retreat offers rustic comfortable accommodation with a 5-minute walk to the beach. It is also set with a tropical natural backdrop abundant with butterflies and exotic flowers. During the course of the retreat, each guest can enjoy organic farming, cooking classes, daily yoga classes, fasting, cleansing, etc. Classes at Orion Yoga Koh Phangan suit all levels and their detox yoga is specially tailored to those who are fasting and cleansing. Add to that Thai herb steam room, two yoga shalas, and an abundance of high-quality healthy vegetarian food and fresh tropical fruit and fresh juices at the Orion Café and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a retreat of a lifetime. A balanced life can be achieved through a balanced meal of healthy raw fruits, fresh salads, and delicious vegetables, I’m a strong believer in this.

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Shakti Yoga

Koh Phangan retreat

Shakti Yoga Koh Phangan dubs itself a sacred space for self-healing, emotional detox, and heart connection. We all need a little emotional detox, amirite? Their seven to fifteen-day retreats are taught in a safe environment that is ripe for inner transformation and cultivation of self-awareness. This Koh Phangan retreat center has a range of activities that will help you empower yourself, take control of your emotions, find your true potential, and really cultivate the art of letting go (read: not giving a shit). With their emotional detox programs, you have a chance to be one with yourself through morning walks, meditation, and daily yoga (all levels). Shakti Yoga gives allows guests to pick their own time for self-transformation by offering flexible schedules. It also has its own swimming pool for chill-out sessions and vegetarian/vegan food.

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One Yoga

One Yoga Koh Phangan

One Yoga Koh Phangan offers short retreats as well as longer teacher training courses. Their vision is to offer the gift of yoga in a retreat-style setting without the normal distractions of everyday life. With Koh Phangan s the backdrop, that’s mission accomplished for sure. Come practice daily yoga, pranayama, deep meditation, spinal breathing, and listen to the daily talk on the process of the purification of the subtle body and stages of meditation and the cultivation of samadhi. All yoga classes and meditation sessions are optional so each person can take the retreat at whatever pace suits them. Vegetarian and vegan food is offered.

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Samma Karuna

Samma Karuna Koh Phangan Yoga

Samma Karuma welcomes you beach-side in their large and beautiful yoga halls. What can sound more heavenly than taking a dip in the sea right after your daily yoga class? Possibly doing this as part of one of their many self-discovery and self-realization Koh Phangan retreats, available in six to 29 days. Samma Karuma also offers teacher training (one with a volunteering (thus reduced-cost) opportunity), ayurvedic cleanses, expressive techniques based on conscious movement and music, cathartic techniques, Pranayama, initiation to Tantra, non-dogmatic lectures on self-actualization, Qi Gong, compassionate sharing and mindfulness practice. Various types of bungalows with private bathrooms available. All vegan restaurant.

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