In the Buff in Berlin at Liquidrom Berlin

22nd April 2019

liquidrom berlin

I’m not sure why, but y’all here seem to really enjoy having me getting nude in the city and sharing about it. So, kind as I am, I decided to take yet another one for the team after Vabali and Kitkat Club, and bare it all again, this time at the much anticipated Liquidrom Spa Berlin. Liquidrom is a sauna in the heart of Berlin that I’d read and heard much about and I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally visit. But finally, I did! So was Liquidrom worth its hype? Were there people fornicating openly in the pool as several Tripadvisor reviews had purported? Had Vabali ruined every other spa in the city in advance? Let us first disrobe and dive right into it. *flails imaginary dong*

The Lowdown on Liquidrom Berlin

First thing first. I may have gotten a little overexcited there. You don’t need to be naked everywhere at Liquidrom. In fact, swimsuits are mandatory in the main dome pool. That is, I’m assuming, to try and deter couples from getting it on, but spoiler alert, it doesn’t really seem to stop them. Other areas such as the sauna rooms are to be visited nude, and all other areas are clothing-optional. If you’re a noob, etiquette (and hygiene) has it that you must put a towel under all skin touching the wooden bench – that includes your feet too. So do bring along a large enough towel, some flipflops, and whatever else you feel comfortable in, like a bathrobe for lounging.

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  • Liquidrom is located within Tempodrom, this odd building that looks like a birthday hat and a circus tent had a baby. The cost to use the steam rooms and pools vary based on the amount of time you spend there and the day of the week. At max, it’ll set you back 32,50€ for a full weekend day. There are packages including massage, towels, bathrobes, and what have you. There’s a small café on site too. Liquidrom is open from 9:00 am til midnight Sunday to Thursday, and from 9:00 am til 1:00 am Friday and Saturday. That’s a late night dip, boi.

    Was Liquidrom Worth it?

    What’s promised on the website are the Liquidrom pool, Finnish sauna and steam bath, Omm-sound pool, Himalayan salt sauna, Japanese-inspired outdoor area, hot water onsen pool, and Kelo herbal sauna, but I’m not sure I saw all of that. What I did see however was nice, for the most part.

    A Saunameister came in on the hour and poured cedar, minty and lemony things onto the coals (there’s a schedule with the actual Aufguss menu just outside the sauna), then whipped the air and did that sauna thing I’ve never experienced outside of Europe. The Aufguss is the real reason you come to the sauna, and it’s included in the price, so don’t miss that. I just wish there was more than one infusion per hour, but Liquidrom is small and in that way, Vabali has spoiled me.

    A few things weren’t great during my visit at Liquidrom however, and I feel it’s in large part due to the staffing at the moment of my visit. The pool, for a start, had no underwater music as advertised and seemed like it wasn’t really attended to by anyone. A Christmas song played in full (in April) at some point while couples were making out all around me. So Merry, very Christmas. And this leads me to my next point. I visited late on a Friday night and couples all around me were FOR SURE having sex in the pool. I didn’t really mind. But I can see that it could be disturbing to some people.

    Along the lines of the place being completely unsupervised, a lady was in the outdoor plunge pool talking to a friend on her mobile phone on goddamn speakerphone, I kid you not. And when I was done with my visit, I found her in the changing room blaring dance music for everyone while she was doing her makeup. Why nobody came to shut her up at any point still boggles my mind a bit.

    All in For Naked Saunas in Berlin

    Aside from those anecdotal faux-pas I experienced at Liquidrom, I enjoyed my experienced and will definitely go back. It’s a beautiful space to relax and unwind smack in the centre of the city and the convenience and beauty of the space definitely outweigh weird people’s behaviour.

    You’ll notice I have very little to say about being naked in co-ed changing rooms and saunas this time around. The novelty has worn off, I love it now. If you take lust or sex out of the equation, nude bodies are just nude bodies and there is nothing frightening or exciting about it. It’s just… Nice. So why don’t you just step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, nobody knows you and you might get out with a new found appreciation of your own body.

    Just one last thought. I think Liquidrom should organize a once-per-month sexy sauna day where anything goes because I find it unfair that these types of establishments are so far only for gay males.

    Have you visited a nude sauna in Germany? Would you do it? Where would you like to see me get naked next? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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