In the Buff at Liquidrom Berlin

22nd May 2021

I’m not sure why, but y’all here seem to really enjoy having me getting nude in the city and sharing about it. So, kind as I am, I decided to take yet another one for the team after Vabali and Kitkat Club, and bare it all again, this time at the much anticipated Liquidrom Berlin and its fancy steam baths.

liquidrom berlin

Liquidrom is a mixed-gendered sauna in the heart of Berlin that I’d read and heard much about and I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally visit. But finally, I did! So was Liquidrom Berlin worth its hype? Was there Liquidrom sex in the salt pool as several reviews had purported? Had Vabali ruined every other spa in the city in advance? Let us first disrobe and dive right into it.

*flails imaginary dong*

The Lowdown on Liquidrom Berlin

First thing first. I may have gotten a little overexcited there. You don’t need to be naked everywhere at Liquidrom Berlin. In fact, swimsuits are mandatory in the main darkened dome pool. That is, I’m assuming, to try and deter couples from getting it on, but spoiler alert, it doesn’t really seem to stop them. Other areas such as the sauna rooms are to be visited nude, and all other areas are clothing-optional. If you’re a noob, etiquette (and hygiene) has it that you must put a towel under all skin touching the wooden bench – that includes your feet too. So do bring along a large enough towel, some flip-flops, and whatever else you feel comfortable in, like a bathrobe for lounging.

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  • Liquidrom is located within Tempodrom, this odd building that looks like a birthday hat and a circus tent had a baby. The cost to use the steam rooms and warm salt-water pool varies based on the amount of time you spend there and the day of the week. At max, it’ll set you back 32,50€ for a whole day at the weekend. There are packages including massage, towels, bathrobes, and what have you. There’s a small café on-site too. Liquidrom is open from 9:00 am til midnight Sunday to Thursday, and from 9:00 am til 1:00 am Friday and Saturday. That’s a late night dip, boi.

    Fun fact, the site of this abstract tent structure with its surreal crown appearance used to be a massive train station during World War II but the remnant of those locomotive days are long gone and now replaced by this ultra-modern structure hosting top of the line spa facilities spanning over 1000 square metres, and recently brand new changing facilities and all your standard relaxation options. The perfect place for an urban spa experience.

    Was Liquidrom Worth it?

    What’s promised on the website are the Liquidrom domed hall pool with underwater speakers (the heart of the Liquidrom), Finnish sauna and steam bath, Omm-sound pool, Himalayan salt sauna area, Japanese-inspired outdoor thermal baths with lounge chairs, hot water onsen pool, and Kelo herbal sauna, and even the occasional live music gig (including electronic music, what else would you expect!) — but I’m not sure I saw all of that. What I did see however was nice, for the most part.

    A Saunameister came in on the hour and poured cedar, minty, himalaya salt saunas things, and lemony stuff onto the coals (there’s a schedule with the actual Aufguss menu just outside the sauna), then whipped the air and did that sauna thing I’ve never experienced outside of Europe. The Aufguss is the real reason you come to the sauna, and it’s included in the price, so don’t miss that. Don’t forget your sauna towel! I just wish there was more than one infusion per hour, but Liquidrom is small and in that way, Vabali has spoiled me.

    A few things weren’t great during my visit to Liquidrom spa Berlin, however, and I feel it’s in large part due to the staffing at the moment of my visit. The saltwater pool, for a start, had no underwater classical music as advertised and seemed like it wasn’t really attended to by anyone. A Christmas song played in full (in April) at some point while couples were making out all around me. Such Merry, very Christmas, wow. And this leads me to my next point. I visited late on a Friday night and couples all around me were FOR SURE having that old Liquidrom sex in the pool. I didn’t really mind. But I can see that it could be disturbing to some people. And I really wanted underwater music — some kind of whale songs to drown the making-out noise haha.

    Along the lines of the place being completely unsupervised, a lady was in the outdoor plunge pool talking to a friend on her mobile phone on goddamn speakerphone, I kid you not. So long for any privacy policy also. And when I was done with my visit, I found her in the changing room blaring dance music for everyone while she was doing her makeup. Why nobody came to shut her up at any point still boggles my mind a bit.

    All in For Naked Saunas in Berlin

    Aside from those anecdotal faux-pas I experienced at Liquidrom spa Berlin, I enjoyed my experience and thought the steam room offers were pretty good and will definitely go back, and I really recommend putting it on your list of to-dos for a weekend in Berlin. It’s a beautiful space to relax and unwind smack in the center of the city and the convenience and beauty of the space definitely outweigh weird people’s behavior. The warm salt water pool with its vaulted ceiling was one of my favorite features and the crown jewel of the spa, and the variety of different saunas and different programs was pretty good. It’s a really cool spa, kind of straight out of a science fiction novel when the moonlight shines through the windows at night.

    You’ll notice I have very little to say about full nudity in co-ed changing rooms and saunas this time around. The novelty has worn off, I love it now. If you take lust or sex out of the equation, nude bodies are just nude bodies and there is nothing frightening or exciting about it. It’s just… Nice. So why don’t you just step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, nobody knows you and you might get out with a newfound appreciation of your own body after a hot stone massage.

    Just one last thought. I think Liquidrom should organize a once-per-month sexy sauna day where anything goes because I find it unfair that these types of establishments are so far only for gay males. Everyone wants a bit of Berlin sauna sex fun once in a while!

    Have you visited a nude sauna in Germany? Would you do it? Where would you like to see me get naked next? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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    3 thoughts on “In the Buff at Liquidrom Berlin

    1. RanBo

      Your KitKat visit was less sexual than I expected. And your LiquidRom visit mentioned couples making out, then ended with a note that implied the couples were mainly gay. Is that true or did I misunderstand?
      I believe LiquidRom and Vabali have some relationship I think. I visited the former on a hot day and found it nice but over priced. The music in the salt pool is over hyped.
      Vabali has music evening’s once a month that are worth going to. They are popular so arrive early. Go with a friend or you risk losing your seat if you vacate to go to WC. The music events are a nice moment to cuddle with a partner, but nothing more than cuddling.
      If naked and sex, even as a voyeur are your thing, have you investigated Berlins swinger clubs? Insomnia? Avarus? Schloss Milkersdorf? I have been to the Avarus, with my (Coquitlam) wife and we were underwhelmed. I suspect we should have been more selective on the night of our visit. Black underwear and folk nearer 60 than 50 or 40 were common though they do have parties for 20-45yr olds.
      I also recommend Tropical Island. It houses the worlds largest indoor rainforest as it’s in an old aerodrome. Website makes it look huge. It is big. Not huge. Its pool area requires swim costume but its sauna area only requires a smile.
      Next summer I suggest you visit Mugglesee FKK beach, it’s well managed and it rare for gawkers to go there.
      Be safe on your travels. Especially your naked trips.

    2. Georgina

      Hiya! Disappointed to hear you missed out on the underwater music- it’s so cool!! I went on a Sunday night and it was really funky, jazzy music, I lost track of time while I was floating about…!!! Coming from England, where the attitude towards public nudity is quite the opposite to that in Berlin, I was very reluctant at first to take my swimming costume off for the sauna, which confused the German guy I was with, him being completely used to this. However, once I got over it I felt perfectly comfortable, not even that, I felt great, more confident. And it makes me so happy to say that I’ve taken that confidence home with me! I’m someone who hasn’t always been that content with my body image but I can truly say that Berlin has changed me, could not be happier in my own skin!!!!


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