Love Your Body: Natural Ways To Keep Healthy And Happy

6th March 2017

Keep Exercising

No one’s saying that you have to spend half of your life in the gym to stay in shape – on the contrary, in order to be happy with yourself then you need to make sure that you have balance between the different parts of your life. Instead, incorporate fitness into your day to day life. One great way to feel fitter and to gain more stamina is to walk as often as possible – hiking is a great hobby for the weekends, but why not try walking to work or to the store? It’s also a great idea to take a walk during your lunch break. If you’d like to get fit with other people then why not join a yoga or pilates class? It’ll strengthen your core muscles and you’ll feel yourself getting stronger and more flexible quickly.

Eat Nutritiously

It’s important to do your best to cook as much of your food from scratch as you can. A lot of convenience food contains too much salt and sugar – and if you’re living a vegan lifestyle then it’s great to know what exactly is going into your food. Make sure that you eat breakfast every morning – try smashed avocado on toast for a meal that’s both delicious and healthy. If you really aren’t a breakfast person then why not make a smoothie and drink it at work? Combine your favorite fruits with a base of almond milk, fruit juice or coconut water for a healthy energy boost.

Watch Your Mental Health

Mental illness is probably the least talked about health condition out there. Not only are depression and anxiety chronic illnesses that a lot of people have to deal with for the rest of their lives, but they can also affect the quality of your day to day living in a pretty major way. Although natural cures are always great, you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you need to take medication to deal with your mental health conditions. The most important thing is that you’re happy and that your illness isn’t affecting the rest of your life too badly. Keep checking in with medical professionals – if you need some advice quickly, try an app like Babylon. If possible, you also need to make sure that you get plenty of fresh air and food and that you socialize regularly – you might find it hard to go out but it’s usually worth it in the end.

Be Kind To Yourself

Most importantly, it’s hard to love yourself unless you treat yourself with kindness. At the end of the day, you should try to be your own best friend. Cut yourself some slack and listen to the way you feel instead of steamrollering over it and telling yourself you’re fine and to get over it. Focus on self-care wherever you can. Sometimes it’s great to force yourself to see your friends but a night on the couch under your coziest blanket with your favorite show on TV is sometimes necessary too.

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