Making The Most Out Of Your Athens Trip With This Detailed Travel Guide

Athens is one of the largest and most ancient cities in Europe. The city is very rich historically and with the number of places that you need to visit and see, it can be quite a challenging trip. Athens has countless ancient architecture; from the abundant sightseeing to the joyous long walks and the mouth-watering street food, this city has a lot to offer to its visitors. As we all know, Athens is the capital of Greece, it is also historically recognized as the Cradle of Western Civilization and the Birthplace of Democracy. Getting the chance to visit a city like Athens, occupied with temples, statues of deities, and ancient ruins are a marvel that will keep you wondering how on earth this city has been there for over 3400 years. If you want to make the most out of your trip to Athens, read through our detailed travel guide.


When Is The Best Time To Visit

We can guide you through the best times of the year to visit Athens, but that depends on what you want to prioritize during your tour, bearing in mind that this rich city has much more to offer than historical sightseeing. The majority of tourists plan their visit for the summer, but that is not necessarily the best time of the year to visit; it sure is one of the busiest tourist seasons, and the heat can be a bit of a joy kill if you’re not used to it, especially in August. During that month of the year, most locals are off taking their vacations on surrounding islands such as Crete. One of the best times to visit Athens, if you’re seeking good weather, accommodating opening hours, and reasonable accommodation, is in April. Our best advice concerning this time of the year is to stay away from Easter vacation since the prices of flights and accommodation are relatively high during spring break.

Where To Stay

One of the most ideal places to stay is somewhere near the Acropolis, you can not visit Athens without getting the chance to hike up one of the world’s oldest sites. This fortified citadel embraces the world’s most famous Parthenon Temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena. The Acropolis is considered one of the most important locations in Athens, if not the world. You should plan to stay a few hours over there to explore the Acropolis hill as well as read this guide to discover the best way to experience this enormous historical landmark while on a budget. Athens is quite a large city and there are plenty of attractions for tourists. Staying within the historic center of the city will allow you to visit the most important locations, especially if you’re planning for a short visit.

Athens Best Sightseeing Locations

When you set foot in Athens, there’s no chance of missing the captivating historical temples; they are guaranteed to give you goosebumps the moment you are around them. The Temple of Olympian Zeus speaks volumes to the greatness of Greek Mythology, the outstanding architecture is an ancient journey of beauty and culture. The magical feeling experienced walking through the Plaka is inescapable; restaurants and souvenir shops embedded amidst ancient buildings are the most charming thing you can ever see. Moreover, if you have enough time to go on a short trip 70 kilometers away from Athens, a perfect place to visit is the Temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea. Resting peacefully upon a hill near the shore of the ocean, the Temple of Poseidon is another stunning historical place to visit and enjoy the peacefulness and greatness of the world’s oldest civilizations. It would be unfortunate if you end up going all the way to Athens without going back home with one of their adorned souvenirs or captivating pieces of jewelry to remind you of your trip. The Monastiraki Market has all sorts of mind-blowing stores and a cozy space to have a drink in any of the cafés there. Want some night-time fun? Head to Pisiri, a great place jammed with cafés, restaurants, and bars. Crowds are used to gathering there on weekends to chill and dance, enjoying friendly smiles and lively music.


You don’t have to think twice while planning a trip to Athens, the ancient vast history and culture of one of the world’s oldest and largest cities are enchanting. There are numerous archeological sites and ancient ruins that you will come to appreciate and enjoy the moment you set foot there. Ancient Greek temples cannot be ignored during your visit either, Greek culture is one of the richest as it conveys one of the oldest and most definitive civilizations of the western world. Gathering practical information on your traveling itinerary is essential to estimate your budget according to the timing and duration of your visit.