Medical Tourism is a Thing – Here’s What You Need to Know

Medical tourism is a 4 billion dollar industry and is expected to grow over 32% until at least the year 2030. An estimated 14-16 million people travel every year, from luxurious and unassuming, just to get the care they need at a reduced cost.

Have you ever considered traveling overseas, or even one country over, for medical tourism? In this article, we share a few tips that will help you book the most important tourist destination of your life.

1. Get a travel consultation before you go.

It is important to see your primary healthcare provider at home for a physical exam before you go overseas.

Make sure that your international travel health insurance is up to date before you go, and that the contract covers your stay in the country for the medical procedure.

Knowing your limitations post-surgery is also important. Are there any safety concerns about swimming, drinking alcohol or smoking, and taking local walking tours?

The local doctor may have advice for you, but you have to be proactive here because of the complex travel situation.

2. Pack up your medical health insurance papers.

Make sure to bring your travel health insurance documents, as well as your regular health insurance documents, such as IDs, passports, vaccine records, and the like.

You should also have all of your medications neatly stored and pack a small travel health kit in case of emergencies.

3. Do your research on the hospital or doctor you’re going to see.

Practice due diligence and look up the doctor or doctors you’re going to see when you’re ready for the procedure. Make sure all personnel have proper accreditations and certifications in their country for the procedure they’re going to do for you.

If you don’t speak the language they speak, having a translator on hand (even an electronic one, like Google) will improve communication. A human translator is obviously a better choice if available because it’s very important that minute details are explained and fully understood by all parties.

Generally speaking, some of the best countries to travel to for medical tourism include Canada, Singapore, Spain, Dubai, India, and Thailand, which is also a great place for hospitality.

4. Schedule follow-up care.

Proper follow-up care is life-saving, so research the aftercare process, as arranged by the medical facility and hospitality services.

Is where you’re staying within driving distance of a hospital in case any complications arise?

Once you make it back stateside, immediately set up an appointment with your regular healthcare provider to check up on yourself after the fact and report what happened during the procedure.

It also helps to read what to expect during a surgical follow-up for your own curiosity.

5. Make sure you’re properly covered before traveling with UAE medical insurance prices.

If you’re getting a procedure done overseas, for example in Dubai, you must make sure that you have medical insurance secured there.

It can be pricey but the healthcare system in Dubai is top-notch, with many state-of-the-art facilities and little worry as to the degree of care you’ll get there.

At Tata AIG, travel health insurance policies for a trip to Dubai can be covered for ₹45.50 per day.

In addition to healthcare coverage, Dubai is known for its great hospitality services and exciting tourism opportunities. For more info, visit UAE medical insurance prices for coverage.

Plan for a Comfortable and Safe Stay

While there are plenty of horror stories going around about medical abuses in poor or corrupt countries, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of medical doctors all over the world are trustworthy and with the reviews to show for it.

If you do your research, there are many quality providers that can give you a fair price.

Sometimes people do have to take risks if they can’t afford the inflating prices of the private medical industry in the U.S. But the good news is you are not the first.

Many people have traveled overseas to get medical care, and the vast majority of procedures are successful, safe, and yes, even affordable compared to medical surgeries at home. Why not get a quote right now?