Meditation For Globetrotters: How To Meditate Anywhere

1st February 2017

In many ways, travel and meditation go hand in hand. Traveling gifts you experiences and opens your mind. Meditation gives you headspace and enables you to think clearly and digest what’s happening in your day to day life. When you’re at home, it’s easy to get into a routine, and you can integrate meditation into your daily regime. When you’re on the move, every day may be different, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate. The beauty of this practice is its versatility. You can meditate anywhere you like whether you’re trekking through a jungle or lying on a beach.

Meditation retreats

Wellness breaks are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s a growing number of options for travelers who are looking for a trip that will boost both their mental and physical health. Yoga vacations and meditation retreats have been available in countries like Thailand and Malaysia for many years, but facilities are becoming more commonplace in other parts of Asia, Europe, Australasia, and the US. Some hotels offer wellness services, such as spa treatments, yoga sessions and meditation classes while others offer breaks that focus solely on these elements. If all you want to do is learn more about meditation and escape for a few days, visiting a meditation retreat is the probably the best option. If you’re keen to combine a more traditional holiday with meditation classes and sessions, looking for hotels that offer these features is the way forward.

Meditation classes

If you search online for meditation classes, you may be surprised at the diversity of options, and the sheer number of places where you can attend classes. Meditation has been around for centuries, but in recent years it has enjoyed a resurgence. If you’re away and you want to find a meditation class, use the Internet to search for options in your area. It’s also worth asking local people for recommendations.

Solo meditation

Some people prefer to meditate in groups while others enjoy solitude. If you want to meditate alone, you can do it almost anywhere at any time of day. There’s no set rules to follow, and you can meditate for as long as you like using whatever template you want. If you struggle to focus without guidance, you can download apps that guide you through short meditation sessions. If you’re used to meditating on a regular basis, you may feel comfortable putting on a mala necklace and following a pattern you’re familiar with. You can listen to music, or embrace the silence if you’re lucky enough to be on a deserted beach or at the summit of a mountain.

Many travelers enjoy meditating. It gives them the ability to focus and clear their minds, enjoy some peace and quiet, and reflect on the experiences they have undertaken. If you’re a keen traveler who also likes to meditate, don’t worry about fitting in meditation time when you’re globetrotting. It’s very easy to find time to meditate, especially as you don’t need any equipment with you, and you can meditate in virtually any environment.

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