Minor Health Problems Encountered During Summer

2nd July 2020

Depending on where you live, the summer months can be hot, mild, or cool. Regardless, summer still remains to be an enjoyable time of year. Not only that, but the weather always seems to be perfect for water activities and just being out and about in general. Aside from all of the fun that one can have during the summer months, there are still plenty of dangers present just by being out in the sun and heat. Just because you don’t hear about the dangers does not mean that they’re not there. The probability of running into a health problem during the summer is high. Before you leave home, do an online search asking “buy medical supplies near me.” You might need to order a few things to help you out this summer.

To give you an idea of the types of health problems that could occur during summer, we’ve listed a few of the most common.

Becoming Dehydrated

Dehydration can easily make a fun summer day turn into a medical emergency. Depending on the amount of fluid that you drank before heading out, you could easily dehydrate within a matter of minutes if the day is extremely hot. To avoid this, it is highly recommended that you have fluid available at all times. Whether it’s in water bottles or the faucet, you need to keep your fluid intake up for as long as you stay in the heat. Besides not having enough fluid, you need to be aware of a condition known as heat stroke. This condition occurs when your body is extremely hot and it makes itself sweat in order to cool down. However, the end result of that can cause dehydration if you don’t take in as much fluid as your body sweats out. You should also take shelter in some shade so that you are not in the direct sun.


When sunburns occur, they are usually the direct result of exposure to the sun for long periods of time. The reasoning behind sunburn is due to the fact that the summer months are when the sun is closest to the earth. This is what makes it possible for your skin to burn. However, direct sunlight is not the only method for sunburns to occur. If you are around a water source, like a lake, the water can easily reflect the harmful ultraviolet rays to make contact with your skin. To get around this and avoid getting sunburned, you should apply a sunblock that has a high SPF that can protect you at all times. But remember, you will need to reapply the sunblock if you enter any water or sweat.

If you happen to forget to apply sunblock and begin to show signs of sunburn such as blistering, you should do a search online search to find the closest store or pharmacy where you could purchase some. Make having sunscreen a priority on your list of things to pack.

Swimmer’s Ear

With swimmer’s ear or otitis externa, it is an infection caused when water enters the ear canal and gets stuck there. It then begins to grow bacteria leading to an infection.

In order to prohibit water from remaining in the ear, you must fully dry your ears when you are finished in the shower or after your swim.

The best method to drain your ear is by tilting your head to one side while grasping your earlobe up. This will allow gravity to drain the water from the canal. Once the water is out make sure that you dry it.

The summer months can easily cause swimmer’s ear because of the increased amount of humidity and heat. It is these two reasons why bacteria growth could easily run rampant if there’s water in the ear.

Food Poisoning

During the summer, it is no surprise to come across bad food. This is due to many families going off to enjoy outdoor parties or even picnics. This means food will be involved that may have been sitting in the heat for a while before anyone decides to eat it. The time that the food sits is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or salmonella to grow. To help prevent this, it is best to ensure that perishable food is kept on ice in a cooler. This will preserve the freshness of the food until it’s ready to eat. Nobody plans to get food poisoning during the summer; this is why you will always be safe using proper food storage like the cooler.

Everybody likes summer, and the fact that you get to enjoy complete freedom is truly a blessing. But it is always important to remember that there are still going to be problems as we have described above. However, as long as you remain vigilant, you and your family will remain safe to continue enjoying the summer together.

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