Have More Money With Minimal Changes To Your Lifestyle

27th March 2017

How would you like to magically have more money without making many changes to your lifestyle at all? As in, your lifestyle stays virtually the same? There are some techniques here that can really help you to make more money. However, some of them may require consistency for you to get the best results from them. Take a look and see how you can do it!

Buy A Cheaper Brand

You likely do your food shopping at some point during the week, and you likely have a bunch of products that you consider to be your go to products. You know, the ones you buy every week without fail. How about swapping just one of those products for a cheaper brand? You might be surprised to find that there isn’t much difference at all, and in some cases, the cheaper brands are actually better than the big name brands! You won’t know if you don’t give it a go, and if you do this to a few of your products, you could start saving a huge amount on your food shopping over a period of time.

Find Joy In Things Other Than Spending

Spending can give us a little buzz, which can make buying items that we really want hard to resist. Try to find joy in things other than spending, such as finding a new hobby. When you do find yourself really wanting to buy something that you don’t necessarily need, try to use the 72 hour rule instead. Give yourself 72 hours to think it over. If you find yourself forgetting about what you were going to buy in that time, then the novelty and buzz probably would have worn off pretty quickly anyway!

Be Smart Before You Buy

Before you buy, be smart. Stop and think. Look at sites similar to DontPayFull.com to find discount codes. You can usually find a code for everything, from free delivery to 10% off. This will add up over time, on stuff that you would have bought anyway! A better way to make the most of this idea is to make sure you put the money you save in a savings account. The money will quickly pile up!

Adjust Your Thermostat Slightly

Adjusting your thermostat ever so slightly could help you to save a fortune. By changing it by just three degrees, you could save so much money on your heating over the course of a year. Don’t forget, if you find yourself a little chilly, the best way to combat it is to put a warmer layer on. If you’re still cold, then you can put your heating on. Just be smart about the temperature you choose!

Turn Off Everything Before You Leave The House

Before you leave the house, turn off everything. Turn off your appliances, lights, and anything else that shouldn’t be on. Doing something like this that takes just seconds will cut so much money from your utility bills. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment in a big way!

If you find you’re still spending too much on utility bills, swapping providers is really easy. They do most of the work for you. If you’re becoming more conscious of the environment, there are even super eco-friendly energy providers you can look at!

Buy In Bulk When It Makes Sense

Sometimes, you can find items you usually buy with deals such as ‘buy three for the price of two’, or ‘buy one get one half price’. The more you buy, the more you save in some cases. Buy in bulk when it makes sense to buy in bulk. For example, you’re always going to need things like toilet roll and deodorant. Spending more now could help you to save a lot of money in the future. Look for great deals and stock up, and next time you run out of a pack you’ll be so glad you thought ahead!

Pick High Quality Products That Are Built To Last

You shouldn’t use this tip as an excuse to buy designer shoes every few months. However, if you do find yourself needing a new pair of shoes, it’s better to pick a high quality pair that you know are made to stand the test of time. Sure, they will take a huge chunk of money away from you as soon as you’ve bought them. However, you’ll find yourself needing to replace things less and less, and this can result in so much more money! Do your research on the quality of items before you buy, and make sure you’re buying things that you’ll wear again and again. Not only will you end up with amazing clothes, furniture, and other quality items, you’ll save money in the long run because you chose quality.

Host Swapping Parties

Swapping parties are a great way to get things that are brand new to you, and get rid of things you no longer want or use. Get a bunch of your friends round and tell them to bring a load of clothes that they don’t wear. Now get swapping! You could put on some snacks and drinks for everyone too. This is a great way to have a catch-up, as well as leave with some brand new items for free. You could also do this with things like books, and maybe even appliances and things people don’t use. Maybe you could tell them to bring a bit of everything! You never know what you might leave with.

Some of these ideas will take you just seconds to implement. Some will help you to have more fun, while others will force you to look at your spending habits and change them accordingly. You don’t need to spend money to have fun! You can have an amazing lifestyle and save so much money by making sure you use simple tips like this each and every day.

If you have tips of your own that have worked for you, make sure you leave them in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

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