A Month On Canada’s Raw West Coast

13th February 2017

Canada has never been a country that has shied away from its wildness. It’s unapologetically untamed and the perfect place for adventure, a bit like Iceland. Temperatures here are frighteningly low in the winter, but regularly go above 70 in the summer, thanks to a warm Pacific breeze.

If you go there, you have to go for at least a month, usually longer. The reason is that the place is just so big. Western Canada is about the same size as the whole of Europe, and so there’s plenty to explore and do.

Kayaking In Vancouver

Vancouver has been a favorite of progressives and liberals for decades, thanks to its cosmopolitan culture and world-class facilities. The city overlooks the bay and grows up beautifully, in a sea of glass buildings that reflect the water below.

When many travelers hit Vancouver, they head straight for Granville Island, a place where tourists can hire kayaks by the day or the week.

After a long day in the boat, most people then head off to the world-famous and recently rebuilt Rosewood Hotel Georgia, the hotel that Elvis once stayed at on his Canadian road trip.

Go Skiing In Whistler

During the summer, Whistler is home to some of the most epic mountain biking in the world. There are huge jumps and berms, and the whole place is teeming with excited young men, desperate to get in the saddle and hurl themselves down the mountainside.

Camp of Champions – Ski Camp A from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.

In the winter, though, Whistler has an entirely different feel. Snow is everywhere, making it the perfect place to do a spot of skiing. If you’re staying for longer, it offers one of the best ski instructor courses in Canada, giving you the chance to perfect your skills and make a living in a place that you love.

After you come off the hills, one place to stop off and recuperate is the Fairmont Chateau – a four-season resort kitted out for warming up chilled mountaineers. If you stay in the summer and take your bike, the hotel will throw in a free bike valet to clean some of the mud off.

Whitewater Rafting In Fraser Canyon

You soon find out how rugged Canada’s west coast is when you visit Fraser Canyon. The canyon was carved out thousands of years ago when the glaciers retreated, leaving some of the harshest-looking rock formations in its wake.

Thanks to its geography, it offers some of the most thrilling whitewater rafting anywhere in Canada. You can pick up an instructor and get them to take you down the river in style and in safety. Once you’ve finished up on the rapids, which are available all year round, you can camp nearby on a sort of glamping site created by the white water rapids companies.

Because Fraser Canyon is three hours from Vancouver and because there are no towns nearby, the tourist operators in the area have had to create their own self-sufficient communities. If you love camping outside under the Canadian stars, then this is just your sort of thing., But remember, it gets pretty cold at night.

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