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29th August 2016


Traveling for me is often an outdoor affair, but do you often wonder what I get up to on rainy days or when I am too tired for outdoor activities and in need of a little rest and entertainment? Today I thought I would give you a list of the various past-times and hobbies that are either small and compact enough to carry with me during my travel and on holiday or things that I can do online from my phone or my computer. Here goes!

A deck of cards
Playing cards is not the most original idea I know, but it’s something I have always done with my family ever since I was a child and something I continue to love to do now and while I’m on holiday. It will never cease to amaze me all of the games that you can plan from such a small little packet of cards. From solitary to crazy eights, to plain old card castle, there is always fun to be had alone, with a friend or with a group of people at any given time with a deck of card!

Netflix and chill is most definitely a thing and I know many other travelers such as myself that could not go without their Netflix subscription. I am able to follow all of my favorite series and watch movies on the go however I want and whenever I want and it’s is incredibly cheap! My current favorites to watch are Dexter, How I met your mother, Portlandia, Black Mirror, The Office and Scrubs. What are yours?

Watercolor pencils
I’m not great at painting, but I do find watercolor extremely beautiful. Watercolor pencils are like watercolor for dummies and I like them so much! You simply draw an outline of what you will be “painting” first with a regular pencil. After that, you can start coloring your drawing with the watercolor pencils as you would with normal Crayola’s. But the magic happens when you just take a wet paintbrush to it to blend everything together. Ta-da! Watercolor! I like to paint beach scenes that way when I’m on holiday!

Call me a weirdo, but I have such a fond memory of playing bingo with my grandma as a child that I still love to do it online from time to time when I am bored. New bingo sites are not exactly as good as going to the high school cafeterias with all of the grandmas and the stampy-stamps, but it’s still a good past time that can make you win some cash that you can in turn use to extend your travel. Win!

My Kindle
Again, call me a grandma, but I often still stare at my Kindle in amazement. A few years ago, my backpack was severely weighed down by just a few books and now I have this wafer-thin gadget that weighs next to nothing and can contain thousands of books. I mean, it’s cool, no? Yes, ok, you can call me a grandma.

I guess those would be my main small and portable hobbies and past-times for whenever the mood strikes for me to stay in and be a little lazy during my travels. I’d say there is nothing wrong with doing that once in a while, it’s all about balance 😉

I’m curious – what do you like to do best when the weather is bad, when you’re tired and don’t really want to go out or when you don’t actually have any other excuse than the fact that you just want to stay in and be lazy? 😉

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