Online Yoga Experiences: How to Choose the Best Provider

5th June 2020

It’s in times of crisis that wellness becomes a priority, if not a luxury. But the digital world provides plenty of solutions for everyone to discover different ways to improve their mental and physical health, whether it’s through yoga or straightforward meditation. This abundance of online resources, though, also makes it hard to narrow down what works best for you. The right teacher, environment and targeted session can make a world of difference. Below are some ideas on the types of yoga classes available online. If you feel it’s high time to work on strengthening your core and spirit, try these suggested services or discover others of your own. There are free and paid courses, each with their own perks.

Fitness Companies

A fully equipped gym is a good place to check for online opportunities. Using local businesses would also help them in the long run. But there are actually many services around the world offering their expertise and using every digital tool on the market to give you access and the best experience possible. Alo Yoga, for example, provides some of the best online yoga courses at the moment, as well as high-quality clothing just for the occasion. You could enjoy a month of free video series on power vinyasa, healing meditation or any other program that takes your fancy before continuing with the normal fee of $20 per month.

Then you have companies like Core Collective, an established fitness centre that’s made most of its classes available online through its so-called CCTV domain. For a reasonable monthly fee that’s not much higher than Alo Yoga’s, you can go for live-streamed or on-demand sessions of yoga, Pilates and more. Their experienced trainers and professional videos can guide you along with a healthy daily routine for strength, flexibility, revitalization and anything else you need. Such providers tend to come with an empowering air that stays with you long after the session is over.

Independent Professionals

If a warmer and more low-key approach is more to your liking, try a YouTube channel like Yoga with Adriene. First of all, a large part of it is free and offering 500+ videos with more than 6 million subscribers already enjoying her bright and really diverse sessions. Just want to sit and focus your energy? Feeling stressed and in need of a good stretch? Or maybe inspiration is in short supply, your brain and body screaming for a healthier flow of energy. You can also find video bundles for set fees, as well as a range of downloadable 30-day content that only ask for donations.

There are loads more professionals out there, local or otherwise, eager to share their skills. Just like Alo Yoga’s smart strategy of pairing retail with fitness services, independent yogis are becoming better and better at boosting their online visibility. They find inspiration in all kinds of sectors, from mobile technology to banking brands, especially those with a strong digital presence.

Yoga Marketing Inspired by Other Sectors

Role models are everywhere and not necessarily in the exact same industry. What yoga schools of every shape and size look for are promotional methods that would fit in well with the services they provide. And the crossover from any sector into yoga’s physical and spiritual one is surprisingly easy. For example, a big name like Google has its fingers in many pies, from digital software to smartphones and video game streaming. A variety of products increases its visibility and audience. Likewise, yoga businesses offering a selection of programs for all sorts of needs diversify their services, welcoming a wider scope of customers.

Yoga has even had a strong influence on the digital entertainment industry, with the online casino sector developing titles such as the 7 Chakras slot, which has been well received at online review and comparison platforms for its inclusion of spiritual imagery and iconography within its gameplay. Such platforms direct players to free spins and offers, allowing them to experience such titles for free – a tactic that yogis are clearly mirroring by offering free sessions, pushing their rankings up on YouTube and creating a professional yet approachable online brand.

And what about banking brands? PayPal is a great example of a company that has made itself indispensable by simplifying financial processes and then partnering up with as many businesses as possible, especially ones used on a regular basis. The growing popularity of yoga culture helps its professionals as they also appear on several social media platforms, while striving to show people how much this type of fitness can improve their quality of life.

Improving your wellbeing is a matter of both physical and mental activity, all of which is ready and waiting online. What services you go for is up to you, but do what you can to follow a routine of sessions that cover your whole being’s different needs. This ensures a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

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