21st May 2012

Well, that’s it, my second year of university is finished! Only 1 left before I’m a free girl! Yé!

In fact it’s been over for nearly a month now, but I haven’t really been able to take time for myself just yet it seems, with a few contracts here and there, contests to enter and bursary applications to complete. We did have a week long holiday in Miami though, and now that we are back, I have a full list of things I wish to accomplish in the course of the summer.

I was in dire need of a photo break, so I ditched my bulky DSLR camera in favour of Instagram. It helped that I had already been to Miami before with my whole freaking photography studio on my back, so I guess that made me feel less insecure that I would be missing on great photo opportunities 😉

So much food we had! Richard and I both love a good meal, and travelling is almost exclusively planned around food. I think my favorite place was Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s Tudor House in South Beach (in fact, all of the food photos from above were taken there). It was the perfect mix of great décor, good music, laid back atmosphere, unpretentious food (they had a dim sum dessert cart with home made pop tarts for frick’s sake, how awesome is that?), great service and some of the best weather ever possible. Absolutely do not miss this place if you are in South Beach (another review with photos here). All that located amidst the lovely art déco district in the heart of South Beach.

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