Concours Lux d’Infopresse + some student work

8th October 2012

This is completely unrelated, but I wanted to share a bit of my current life. Last week I won my first ever photography award at the Infopresse Lux photo contest in the student category, I finished 2nd in the “personal research” sub-category. The photos were published on my blog a little while ago, you can see them here. They were taken last fall for a class at Concordia and are most obviously inspired by the breakup, but they also represent, in a larger perspective, a study on the duality between man and woman through elements borrowed from mythology and symbolism.

For that same class I also did these photos that I have not yet published. They were taken in unoccupied studios at my old job, and are part of a longer series, that I might share at some point. In that series, I attempted to examine people’s behaviour in my workplace (the advertising department of a newspaper). I was inspired by Michael Wolf’s series The Front Door/The Back Door, where he is exploring the adaptations to the lack of private space in Hong Kong in an attempt to reflect upon what these public displays of private life reveal about the character of the inhabitants.

So what had begun as an exploration of my colleagues’ personal space in search or their personality sort of translated into images that looked as if they were taken from another era, with an oppressive feeling of confinement, sadness and isolation. That exploration led me to wanting to investigate further the traces from the past and the relationship between past and the present in that strange workplace where I spent 4 years. I ended my journey in these rooms no longer in use that have been left to decay since around the 1940s. What I found there was chairs close to large windows, a few empty coffee cups littering the old wooden floor already littered with shattered glass and dust, and an immense sense of entering someone’s retreat. I felt these old dated chairs looking out to the bright day light metaphorically represented in themselves an answer to the very subject I had originally set off to investigate.

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