Girl I’m sorry I was blind…

17th September 2013

…You were always on my mind: cobalt blue wool coat.

Good lord. Aren’t we all going MENTAL over the Caroline de Maigret for Madewell fall campaign? I love every single item from the collection itself, but mostly I just love her looks and how she incarnates the most perfect tomboyish yet feminine Parisian cool chick that ever lived and that everyone wants to be or to be with or something. And this photo really does top it all off for me:

Naturally, I now need me a pair of checkerboard Vans slip-on’s, but mostly the coat. LE COAT. OMG. S’il vous plaît. Alas, at 300$ a pop, it’s a little out of my budget range. But I’ve been obsessed with cobalt blue for a little while now and I was just thinking that now might actually be the perfect time to add a little pop of colour to the drab autumn that’s creeping upon us. So I did what’s what I do, and I creeped around the web to find a few cheaper alternatives out there. A lot of them are from Etsy and are vintage, which I love, because they really are one of a kind.

You can always look up my Pinterest for more musing on cobalt blue coats from street style as well as more steeply priced items.

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